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does anyone know what scenario workflow failurecor:20310 means??

when i try to watch stella online on demand,a prompt keeps popping up preventing me from doing so,i dont really know how to fix this or what it means,any help would be appreciated,thanks Smiley Happy

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Try this: Right Click > Silverlight > Application Storag...

Try this:

Right Click > Silverlight > Application Storage > Delete All, leave the tick in the enable storage box at the bottom and then reboot your computer.


Open Microsoft Silverlight by going to the Start Menu > All Programs > Microsoft Silverlight.
Click on the Application Storage tab.
Ensure the box is checked to Enable Application Storage at the bottom of the window.
Select any entries in the window that mention Sky, Sky Go or Sky Player and hit the delete button to remove these entries.
Click on the Playback tab and ensure the box is checked to Enable download and updates to components required for protected content playback. Then reboot your computer.

If you have a Mac:

Library > Internet Plug Ins > Silverlight Plug-in > Right click > Show package contents > Contents > Resources > Silverlight Preferences. Then follow the same as above.

Please note that if you do this you might find your computer is unregistered and if you have already made a change recently you might have to wait a month to use SkyGo again.


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Hi clairew1234,   Thanks for joining the community help f...

Hi clairew1234,


Thanks for joining the community help forum.


Sorry about the error message you are getting. caesarome's suggestion should help resolve it.


Have you tried the troubleshooting steps now? Please come back to us if you need more help.


Many thanks,

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