connecting to bt router wireless

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connecting to bt router wireless


I have a 2Wire Bt Router which i can hard wire to my sky+ using a cat 5 cable and all works fine.  Because my router is in a different room i wish to do this wirelessly.  I have a wireless dongle which i know works fine as i can test it with a lap top at the same location and have full two way functionality.  However when i connect it to the sky box, the box confirms i have broadband connection but on demand services are shown as fail.

Sky have suggested that this is due to encryption incompatatbilty. I do not see how this can be because the encryption is between the wireless dongle and the sky box.  As it leaves the dongle into the sky box, the signal should be identical to the cat5 signal.

Any thoughts anybody???

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Re: connecting to bt router wireless

Can you confirm that your wireless dongle is a Sky wireless connector?

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Re: connecting to bt router wireless

Sorry been away for a few days. No, my wireless dongle is not a sky wireless connector.

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Re: connecting to bt router wireless

Good afternoon Isolec,


Thanks for taking the time to get back to us and to clarify exactly what you were referring to.


I am afraid that we can only assist with gaining a wireless connection between your Sky box and your router when using our own equipment. A member of the community may well be able to assist with this further however so fingers crossed someone can help shed some light on this for you.


If you have any other questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch.



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Re: connecting to bt router wireless

I think you'll find that the Sky box will only handshake with a compatible dongle.Finding compatible dongles can be hit'n'miss unless you buy from Sky. Yet another stealthy restrictive practice.
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