close to leaving after yet another [removed] from sky

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close to leaving after yet another [removed] from sky

My internet started dropping out 48 hrs ago. I phoned the call centre and got through to a lady called Laura who had excellent people skills, but I have since found out didn't really know what she was doing. Went through all the troubleshooting with her, filters,test socket etc. Told it was my router and would be £40 to replace. Expected a call back to arrange order. Had to go to work so missed the call, but if I was going to leave if I didn't get it gratis. My wife got the call and wad told that Laura was wrong, its not a customer problem but a sky problem. Since then the connection is stable but its 0.4meg. To be resolved in
3-4days apparently. We will see. Any rebate? No.
Recently I have downgraded my package in protest at sky store and paying for movies that I used to be ble to watch for my skymovies sub fee. Dropped the movies and sports. Threatened to drop the hd and multiroom and bb until I was offered 2.50 a month for a year for hd and the same for multi. If my broadband isn't up to its old speed by the end of the week then sky can go [removed] themselves and I'm off to council tv and a new bb provider. They used to be a great company. In recent Years their drop off for technical and customer queries has been remarkable.

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Re: close to leaving after yet another [removed] from sky

Hi DoctorKMT, 

Welcome to the Sky Help Forum, thanks for taking the time to post. I understand your frustration at this issue and hope that our Broadband team can fix your speed issues within the next 72 hours.


Regarding Sky Store, we introduced this to Sky Anytime+ earlier in the year as a replacement to Sky Box Office, Sky Movies customers are still able to access up to 500 movies on-demand through Sky Anytime+ as part of their subscription. Sky Store allow us to offer a wider range of movies that are not shown on Sky Movies channels, pricing for Sky Store content varies based on the age of the movie with older movies available at around 99p and newer movies which are just out on DVD priced at £3.49 and £3.99 for standard definition and HD respectively.


Before we introduced Sky Store there was only a limited selection of pay-per-view movies available through Sky Box Office at the higher pricing tier, we've introduced this back catalog to allow for greater choice with around 1,000 movies available on Sky Store. You will find though that none of the Sky Store movies are shown on Sky Movies channels.


Let us know how you get on with your broadband speed.

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Re: close to leaving after yet another disastrous technical episode from sky

Thanks for the reply. My bb appears to have been fixed overnight. Good news!

When is box office being replaced? It still appears on my RPG at the moment. Anytime+ is brilliant, I completely agree , but there are definitely several movies being charged for on sky store that i have watched during my time as a movies subscriber. That is why I cancelled as movies that had been "on rotation" on the channels, suddenly became a part of sky store. Not a problem for recently released movies obviously, but really old ones is a bit of a ripoff
Anyway, rant over, thanks again for the reply to my original message.

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