blue screen instead of recorded programme

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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

Like Sigh-man's post, I too have had "blue screen" recording for the past few months. As my HD box is out of warrant I have been watching this forum for hints and tips to resolve the problem.

recently I spotted the "common denominator" that its HD recordings that are failing, sometimes if I am recording 2 programmes at the same time or one after the other on different channels.

I have gone through the normal planner rebuild and system reset procedures to rectify it but no change.

2 weeks ago I swapped out all my recordings to the non-HD channels and to date have not had a failure.

As for my box, its a Samsung one and was swapped out in 2010 iirc.

IMHO, Its a SKY software "snafu" somewhere along the line and they need to sort it out pronto.


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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

Our box started this also. Hawaii 5-0 was the 1st, had to start 10mins in. Now, last nights NCIS LA & Lost Girl completely blue. Have deleted them and set them up again for tonight and later in week. We also recorded True Blood last night and that played back fine. Any ideas? Really don't want to be messing with the box, as I've had to do 2 planner rebuilds in last few months (can't remember exactly when) . My friend had a new HD box installed last year, any plans to roll them out to the rest of us? (sky+ HD box owner)
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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

Just found out my model no etc. it's a Samsung. Model R003.047.25.00P Bersion 973006. Don't know if this helps
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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

Just reading this thread since I originially posted on 1 Jan12 - did a planner rebuild which seemed to solve it - however, blue screen is back.


Reading the last few pages I was about to conclude that Samsung boxes were the problem - however looking at  my box I have


MOdel R003.047.25.00P

Version 9F3005

Operating System R003.047.25.00P

EPG Software


Any suggestions ?

I too agree with the above....the fact that this behavior seemed to start on mass in Dec 11 and is now affecting loads of people seems like a software issue.

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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

Mods - you should merge the other thread here as this one is more useful:

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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

Since I did a planner rebuild, I've not had the blue screen. However judged by other messages in the thread, it is likely to keep back so keep looking here for a statement from Sky person to say yes we know there is a problem and we are working on a solution.


But nothing (of note), I question whether Sky give any importance to these forums (though they are useful in letting us know that the problem is widespread).


In the meantime, I find myself watching programs more than recording because I don't trust recordings.

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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

Another day....another blue recordining.

Strangely so far my blue recordings (on this second spell of them) are currently confined to late night recordings on FX/ FX+.


I have deleted some recordings and an now at 50% free on the box and done a planner rebuild this morining. For me the rebuild does "house keeping" for about 2 mins before rebooting the seems to me unlikely that this is actually doing much- certainly it couldnt defragment the hard disc in this amount of time.


Couple of questions:

1) Has anyone done a full reset and stayed free of blue screen? This seems to be the suggested method to "absolutely fix it" - but I am not yet seeing much in the way of user endorsement.


2) Sky Tech guys -- your recommendations so far seems to be 1) Planner rebuild 2) Full reset......and there are several comments which suggest that you cant replicate the blue screen issue at your are we to assume that planner rebuild and full reset are just "sensible options" to take when having any kind of recording issues or is there some degree of blue screen specific treatment going on here?


My signal look health on both inputs (slightly better on 1 than 2) - about 80-90% of the  bar is white.



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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

Hi MarkKelly,


As per my general mail below - personally (As a Sky Customer who has experienced this problem for 2+ months), I do not endorse "A full reset" as way of staying free of the blue screen recordings.  The only activity which MIGHT have worked based upon anecdotal experience (see below for more details) is a Force Software Update.


Hope that helps...


Now for a general post for everyone...   Hi folks,


Following my post of 9th Feb, I just thought that I would update you with a summary of my experiences, so far.


System Details (Confirmed as still current as of 22/2)

  • Box: Samsung Sky+ HD
  • Model Number:  R003.047.25.00P
  • Version Number:  973007
  • Operating System Version:  R003.047.25.00P
  • EPG Software Version:
  • Engineer service call replacement box (I don't know if it was a refurb or new) around late spring 2010

2x Planner rebuild - no fix.  New blue screen recordings still occurs

1x System reset - no fix.  New blue screen recordings still occurs

1x Software update - no fix to existing programmes.


The folks at Sky Technical support said that if the Software Update resolved the problem then any pre-existing blue screen recording would now be useable.  As such by their definition, none of the activities fixed the problem.


However I have noticed that there haven't been any Blue Screen recordings in the last week which is shortly after the last Software Update. Whilst there were still new Blue Screen recordings occurring after the various Planner Rebuilds and System Reset.


The software version hasn't changed - I compared the system details today with those from 9/2.  However the software may have been over written with a clean build of the same version.


The problem MIGHT not be software related.  However nothing further has been done on premises, so IF the problem is resolved, the resolution has either been at broadcaster level, sky level or software level.


Ultimately as the problem has always been intermittent, just because no new blue screen recordings have occurred in the last week, this does not mean to say that it has been resolved - it may be coincidental.


I will continue to monitor the situation and let everyone know my future experiences.


In summary, my best bet for a possible fix - Force Software Update (As new Blue Screen recordings still occurred after the various Planner Rebuilds and System Reset).


Hoping that this helps and wishing that Sky formally acknowledged this problem and issued a fix statement (I can but hope)...


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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

Happened again Sky!


Last night, Lost Girl on Syfy+1 & Spartacus showing as recorded, but in playback is only Blue Screen.



Blue Bloods recorded last night is fine, please please please help!


Missing my fave programmes!!!


Very annoying!


Smiley Mad


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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

Hi Gerry - Sky advisor.


Just found out my model no etc. it's a Samsung. Model R003.047.25.00P Version 973006. Don't know if this helps


Is anyone looking into this issue?


There appears to be an awful lot of poeple with the problem!!


Last occurence last night on Lost Girl & Spartacus, see my post tonight & on 20th.


I can;t remeber how long we've had the HD box for, maybe you can find it in cust service records?


Been a Sky customer for appx 5 years.


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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

Hi we have started experiencing this blue screen recording problem too. Mostly on sky Atlantic HD but also on sky one HD. This problem is serious and will soon become a lot more public if not fixed soon
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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

I've been getting this problem for a while now and the icing on the cake is that I have an episode of Boardwalk Empire missing (BLUE) which is not available on demand so I've got to find another way of finding this episode online or wait an age for it to repeat.  I have seen no reports of system reset working for this problem and have tried rebuild a few times which has not resolved anything at all.  I could perform a software update but just want to check...does this delete my recordings? and when was the last update released? does it contain a fix?


If this does not work I'm not sure I can tollerate this.  I am out of warrenty (and contract for that matter) and would therefore need a new box at my expense.  I have to say, Sky atlantic is pretty much the only thing of interest to me that is unique to sky.  Virgin offer pretty much every other channel I need in HD and no blue screen or similar problem with their hardware that I can find.


I hope there is a confirmed ACTUAL fix for this problem as I just can't be bothered to spend any more of my time on this.


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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

As of 4 days ago, Sky were still working on it, so no, I don't think there's a definitive fix yet.


A software update is designed NOT to delete your recordings, but from occasional posts here, it has in rare cases done so, so there is a small risk. From memory, I think the latest update name ends in '28' and the one before that '25'.

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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

Hi, just found this thread, also been having blue screen issues for the last 2/3 months, I will try the s/w update as this sounds the best option, followed by the planner reset if it's still a problem. Total reset will be a last option as we have a lot of recordings which are not being repeated currently.


Also last night we started getting an issue with the live pause not working correctly, the screen is frozen but the blue ring on the front is static and it is not recording anything, when you come out of pause you drop into live tv and loose the paused time. Not sure if the issues are related.



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Re: blue screen instead of recorded programme

MorrisS - yes I think the dodgy pause/rewind etc is realted - many people reporting that on here and the other thread.


My update for the day - didn the planner rebuild (with 50% free space yesterday) and set about 6 recorinding going late last night / early morning. No blue screen this morning - great.....but it seems only a temporary fix......hopefully will hold out long enough for me to record TrueBlood for the  4th attempt this week....if it returns I too am out of contract and will be looking at the Virgin offers.