Your SKY+HD box isnt getting a Satellite signal (14)

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Your SKY+HD box isnt getting a Satellite signal (14)

Had an engineer round a couple of times but they still havent seemed to fixed the constant problem so turning to the help of the good people! What does the number 14 signify (in the top right of the box) and does anybody  have any suggestions? Its only certain channels that stop working, namely SkySports 1,3,4 and Sky Sports News. Also Comedy Central will not work when its down. Why does Sky Sports 2 always work even when 1,3,4 and SSN not? Are they ran off different signals? Very confused and frustrated Smiley Sad


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Your SKY+HD box isnt getting a Satellite signal (14)

Hi AdamGrif1



Thanks for posting on the forum.


Could you check the following please and let us know how you get on.


  • Switch off power supply or remove plug at mains socket.
  • Ensure connected equipment (TV, DVD etc) are switched to standby then turned off / disconnected at mains power supply.
  • Ensure NO lightsdisplay on box or connected equipment.
  • At rear panel of box, one at a timecarefully unscrew each dish input connector.
    • Check the f-connector is secure and the cable does not come away from the metal housing.
    • Ensure the inner wire core, visible through central nozzle of the F-Connector, is not bent or has snapped.
    • Check for sharp bends in the cable, that it is not trapped (under furniture for example) and there is no damage to the outer sheathingof the cable.
    • Re-connect the dish input cables ensuring both are finger tight and secure.


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Re: Your SKY+HD box isnt getting a Satellite signal (14)

Sky Sports 2 HD is the lowest frequency of the Sky Sport HD channels, so could be somthing to do with the 22kHz command to the LNB.


It might be worth doing a LNB reset.

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