Wireless Connected, strong signal...internet doesn't work!

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Wireless Connected, strong signal...internet doesn't work!

Hi folks

I'm hoping someone can help me on this issue.  We've just signed up for broadband with Sky, and have recieved our router and cables, and have had our broadband activated.  I set it all up last night, and set up our wireless connection (as our main computer is in a different room to our phone line).  The wireless dongle found our network with no problems, and shows strong signal.  However, whenever I try to go online, I get a "page not found" , with any page I try to access.


The only thing that I can think of is that in "network connections", our wireless connection is showing as "Connected, firewalled".  Could the firewall be an issue?  I tried turning it off temporarirly, but it didn't seem to make a difference.  I've tried resetting network settings, rebooting computer, everything I can think of!  Oh yeah, and all the lights on our Sky router are lit up as they should be!


Bit of background, we were previously with BT, but closed our broadband account (but kept phoneline).  Didn't have these problems with BT (although the broadband was slow, hence why we moved!).


Any help would be really appreciated!

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Re: Wireless Connected, strong signal...internet doesn't work!

Firstly see if you can access the router settings pages this will help identify

if the issue is between pc and router or router and internet.


In your browser enter username admin password sky if you can get there

check the router has a Adsl port ip address will start with ether 90/94/2 if it has then

the router does have a internet conection.


Postback if you cant get to the router settings page.

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Re: Wireless Connected, strong signal...internet doesn't work!

Hello - I'm having the exact same problem! I got d Sky TV put in last week plus a new BT Phone line and Sky Broadband in on Monday. I got a Wireless router and the normal yellow ethernet cables etc. I can not get connected to the internet using the cables or through the wireless connection. I am able to connect and sign in to my Sky wireless signal using the network key but I can't browse the pages don't load. It just says can not connect or eternal waiting for page to load.

I contacted Sky technical help and the girl was very helpful. She went through trying different things 

-using the Sky Router support page, to change channels and profile names

-Command prompt (using an address to see packets sent, received and lost - each time it was fine) and also something 'tracert' and 'netstat' - everything was as normal.

-then she went in to Control Panlel, Administrative Tools, Services, then Wireless Zero Configuration, then under the box that says
Path to executable: C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
it says
Startup type : Automatic
then under that
Service status : Stopped

Then under that it has buttons that say Start, Stop, Pause, Resume
and at the time the only button that could be clicked was 'Stop' I couldn't click 'Start' and the woman said that I would need to phone Dell as it was a problem with my computer - I couldn't receive Broadband. This morning I realised I could press the 'Start' button if I touched the drop down box that says 'Automatic' then the 'Start' button could be pressed.

I don't think it is a problem with my laptop as I get 3 Mobile Broadband and I was up until recently receiving my University's free wireless internet, when in the zone to receive it. After I spoke to that woman I phoned again to say that "You never tried to help me with the yellow cables connected!". I spoke to a man who asked me to put both ends of the yellow cable into the modem router and that worked fine. He also checked something on Sky's Router Maintenence page and said that everything was ok and that it seems like it is a problem with my computer but I think they are just trying to fob me off as I've never had a problem with my laptop before and have always received the internet - up until I paid for Sky! I'm hoping someone can help figure out what's wrong!

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Re: Wireless Connected, strong signal...internet doesn't work!

First thing to check with a Dell laptop is that you dont have its own software running the

wireless if you also have windows managing it with windows zero config started as it

will conflict and just keep looping.


Go into the control panel and switch to classic view if not already, look for a dell

wireless configuration utility or similar, double click it and if there is a tick in

"let this tool manage your wireless networks" untick it and click okey.


Once you have done that if it doesn't magically work on its own, first check the

wzc service is started in admin tools/services, then go into the network connections folder right click the

wireless icon and view available networks, if your not already connected to your network

connect to it remembering your network key is 8 letters in CAPS.


And if it still wont work, go to command prompt type ipconfig and post the results back here.

also if you hover over the wireless icon tell us what the "Status" is.

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Re: Wireless Connected, strong signal..Internet doesn't work!



--Edit --

Dsldude, sorry for any duplication ;-) erm... it took me a while to go through what I would check then delete it after

--Edit --


Hum. What they are advising is reasonable. Something must have changed on your  ? Laptop ?.


Reason being is the svchost.exe is the service that runs other services such as the network. And what you have shown below is that it is stopped.


If you can still get 3 Mobile broadband, that is because all the networking stuff is done in the usb dongle.


Do you have a good anti virus installed, and can you remember what if anything, changed to stop you from getting the free wifi ? except for you dont go to uni any longer ;-)


Something else you could try is to go to a free wireless provider, and see if you can join their network, a coffee shop or McDonnalds, somewhere like that




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