Wifi not working - all mobile devices

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Wifi not working - all mobile devices

I have had a Sky Broadband WIFI router for over 18 months


No problems at all


I connect 2 PC's via a wired connection (through my electrical circuit) - still works fine.

I have 5 laptops and one PC that have connected wirelessly fine for 18 months

2 blackberrys that have worked fine

2 Kindles that work fine

an Ipad 2 and an ipod touch that worked fine.


I have a Hawkins extender that worked OK


Never any issues


Yesterday all of a sudden - no wireless devices will connect.


I re-started the router several times.

Re-started the devices

replaced the microfilters and cables with new ones

the phone works ok - so the line is up


The wired connections are fine - its specifically WIFI that wont work


The devices see the router and try to connect but cannot


I have not re-set the router, as i suspect it will change so many settings that it will be a major job re-establishing everything.


I havent re-set the channels - but nothing has changed, so why should i.


All of the right lights are on as stated in the hand book.


Its cannot be the devices as there are so many types with different versions of software that all worked fine on Tuesday.


Makes no sense to me - its as if something is blocking it or the box is Faulty all of a sudden.


Left it overnight and still nothing this morning.


Any ideas ?

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Re: Wifi not working - all mobile devices

Hey Pete,


sounds to me like a faulty router.


- you might want to call Sky as they once did a line check telling me about faults on the line... hearing a dial tone doesnt necessarily mean good line.

- might check if wired connection work, if so try resetting your router. (


- else might be a faulty router, try to get a replacement from sky.


Other links i found could be useful:









hope this helps - Cheers



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Re: Wifi not working - all mobile devices

Thanks S.


I considered re-setting it, but as it will default to standard settings, i suspect i would have to modify the settings on over 10 devices + and extender which wasnt easy to set up (i.e. pass key isnt the one that came with the box, it was modified on installation).


I too think its just gone pop, but will ring them - i hear the phones are busy due to the wind !


Worth a re-set as if its gone pop - i will need to start again anyway.


Line should be OK as it works when hard-wired in.


Thanks again


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Re: Wifi not working - all mobile devices

Hi petewelsh69, 


A reset would be an option that we would try with you over the phone so it may be better if you were to try it prior to calling in as this may save on the call cost if you are not a sky talk customer? 


Can you let us know how you get on?



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Re: Wifi not working - all mobile devices


I have had a similar problem, wifi intermittently dropping for several weeks and would not hold a signal for more than 15 minutes since the weekend. We can have a combination of a wii, Xbox, 4 mobiles, an iPad, psp, DS and up to 2 laptops connected at any one time, plus wireless heating controls using the router so it get some serious usage but has never been a problem before (i have a three year old sky router, not the newer N version)I had changed the router to channel 1, 6 and 11 as various forums had suggested but no difference.
Phoned sky today expecting to be in hold for hours and having to fight for a new router. I was on the phone to five minutes and the lady on the support desk advised me to set the router to channel 3,9 or 13 as channel 1,6 and 11 are default channels and more prone to interference from neighbours wireless networks. This makes total sense as when trying to connect my iPad I had noticed more sky networks in range than before, I expect with longer range due to the newer N routers.
I set my router to channel 9 and it has been working superbly. for the last three hours as i write this on iPad while downloading apps in background, my wife is working on her laptop, my laptop is downloading updates, and the Xbox is downloading in the background. I will update if any more problems but it appears to be resolved.
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