Why is the quality of all the videos on SkyGo so bad?

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Why is the quality of all the videos on SkyGo so bad?

My question is, why is the video quality of all the videos on Sky Go so bad? I mean if you take a look at the BBC's iPlayer, all the videos on that even on standard quality is very good let a lone they give the option to watch and even download in HD. I'm starting to get really irrated wth Sky as they are a huge company and they cant even supply there customers with good video quality! I'm not just being picky i mean the quality is really bad and blurry. I can understand that some people dont have the connection speed to stream or download high quality videos, but it would be nice if there was an option! 


Can anyone supply me with a valid reason as to why the video quality is so bad?



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Re: Why is the quality of all the videos on SkyGo so bad?

Hi Core+Saturn, 


Welcome to the Sky Help Forum, can you tell us what videos you are referring to on Sky Go, our live tv channels stream at variable bit-rates depending on your connection speed and quality can range from 600kbps to 1.8Mbps depending on your throughput speed.


Downloaded programmes playback at around 1.8Mbps - 2Mbps. Can you tell us what screen resolution you have set on your PC?


See our Sky Go Troubleshooting guide for an overview of the requirements.




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Re: Why is the quality of all the videos on Sky's so bad?

Hi, thanks for the reply. I'm referring to all videos to be honest even the live channels. When I watch formula 1 Live on highest settings the cars still look blurry, I used to watch Formula 1 on the BBC iPlayer site when they were showing it and the quality was better by far even the downloaded videos where better.


When you talk about the video quality on the videos I download on Sky Go, how come on live channels the max quality is 1.8 but on the videos after downloading them the quality is only 1.4? I'm sure you can provide us with better video quality on downloaded videos considering its not being streamed therefore its up to the user to wait for the download.


Lastly I'm running a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 but even when reduced to 1280 x 720 its not any better, its still blurry and the quality can clearly be improved.


Could you please answer my question as to why its so poor? Its not my connection.

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Re: Why is the quality of all the videos on SkyGo so bad?

I have a galaxy s4 on 4g and still cant watch anything on sky go.. perfect sound but blurred.. bbc, more4 and other channels are fine!
So its not the handset (only just out) not the reception (4g designed for watching on the move)
So its got to be something with the sky go app!!!!