Why is my broadband SO slow

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Why is my broadband SO slow

For years now we have been struggling with poor broadband speeds.   When I last complained to Sky they sent me the new Sky Hub, but although my wifi has improved as a result, our speeds are still very poor.


Router Statistics

System Up Time: 02:04:59

Port Status TxPkts RxPkts Collision Pkts Tx b/s Rx b/s Up Time WAN LAN WLAN
Broadband Link Downstream Upstream Connection Speed Line Attenuation Noise Margin
2047 kbps604 kbps
52.0 dB31.4 dB
8.5 dB15.15 dB


It is really becoming a problem now and I am considering having to pay the ridiculous price of fibre so that we can get a decent speed.  However having read other posts I am wondering if it is a problem with our internal wiring?   We don't have a master socket into the house, however I am using all the necessary microfilters.   


How much will sky charge me for sending out an engineer to check wiring?    Is this going to be a better option than committing to fibre.  I am worried that as I get poor broadband, will I also get poor fibre?!

Can anybody make any suggestions?



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Re: Why is my broadband SO slow

Even with top rate wiring you're unlikely to get speeds above about 3.9Mbps with ADSL2+, as you're about 3.8Km away from the exchange. The speed does look a little low as the noise margin is above 6dB, but it must be fluctuating some what as that's what has been set as the maximum stable speed for your telephone line and internal wiring.

You will have a master socket, as without one your telephone will not ring! An NTE5 master socket is preferred because it has a test socket and is designed a little better...

On upgrading to fibre unlimited it all depends on what you do with your internet access? If you browse only then upgrading is unlikely to be cost effective. But if you stream content, especially HD content and that's unlikely with your speed now, or intend to improve the ability to stream HD content consider upgrading.

I was getting speeds that allowed rather good streaming of SD content and reasonable HD streaming after it buffered for about 5 minutes. My speed was about 6.5Mbps on an ADSL2+ connection downstream. But we couldn't use multiple devices on our internet connection whilst streaming most content and that annoyed us to hell! ;-)

We upgraded to fibre unlimited and then fibre unlimited pro and are delighted, we are 250 meters from the FTTC box and get 75Mbps downstream and 19.5Mbps upstream and it makes a real deference when two people stream HD content and a PC is downloading large files. And I may even be using FaceTime to talk to family all at the same time, most excellent experience so far. And that upstream speed is most excellent if you need it, when I uploaded my music collection to the cloud I wish I had fibre then.
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Re: Why is my broadband SO slow

Hello LizzyA,


Welcome to the Sky Community.


It's not great to see that you have experienced such slow Sky Broadband speeds for a number of years. Do you have any issues with your landline i.e. Noise on line or no dial tone? As mae-3 has mentioned you will have a master telephone socket, this is normally in the hallway, however it can differ as each property is different.


How many telephone sockets do you have in your property? Can you tell me what rooms there are located in? By knowing where the sockets are we can help pin point where the master socket is.



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Re: Why is my broadband SO slow

Thanks for your help mae-3.    OK, we must have a master socket then!  Probably the one in the hallway, which is the one the router is already plugged into.


I have growing girls who get very frustrated when they cannot use youtube and we have an increasing number of gadgets fighting for broadbrand, so I fear that we will have to move to fibre.   Just frustrating that we live in a built up commuter belt area and we have such poor broadband, and yet my brother who lives in a tiny village gets over 10 mbp and doesn't have to fork out for fibre!

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Re: Why is my broadband SO slow

Hi Natasha B


Thanks for your email.   


I am guessing our master socket is in the hallway - although it looks just the same as all the other sockets!  The router is plugged into this socket.


We do have phone sockets in practically every other room in the house, but our only phone that is plugged in is also in the master socket using a microfilter.    Our sky box is also plugged into a socket in the lounge using a microfilter extension cable which runs under our lounge carpet!


I don't know if that helps?!



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Re: Why is my broadband SO slow

I'd get that old style master socket replaced with a NTE5 and filtered faceplate, so all your extensions are filtered at the master socket for telephones and the sky+ box. This will improve your VDSL or ADSL connection speed by removing high frequency reflections from the internal wiring. If you have more than 4 extensions, then you'd exceed the REN with telephone equipment connected concurrently, so it may be worth disconnecting some of the extension wiring.

If you' have decided to upgrade to fibre, then talk to sky nicely, and I'm sure they'll send out an Openreach engineer to do it for free ;-)
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Re: Why is my broadband SO slow

Hey folks,


Sorry to hear about your Sky Broadband issues @LizzyA, if you are experiencing slow speeds issues we ask that consider the steps outlined here and this also includes information previously given by @mae-3 and Natasha. If this does not resolve the issue we'll be happy to do some tests on the line to see if there are any faults on the line.


If your speeds are due to limitations with the infrastructure then the only way for us to increase the speeds would be to go with our Sky Fibre services. You can find out estimated speeds and information about this on the website as well.


Can you let us know if you run into any difficulties and we'll assist.



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