Why have my recorded programmes disappeared?

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Why have my recorded programmes disappeared?

I have some programmes set up as series record. We had a weeks worth saved on our planner.

They all disappeared during Wednesday night. All that is left are the Kept programmes I had from ages ago and the to be recorded series links for next week.

I tried talking to an adviser on Sky Chat on Thursday who suggested a planner rebuild but that hasn't helped. I had 30% left after they were recorded I am now up to 80%. They are not in the deleted file.

Has anyone else had their recorded programmes disappear?

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Re: Why have my recorded programmes disappeared?

As you can see from this thread, it has happened before, and may be a glitch resulting from a firmware update. I'm afraid it appears that if you've tried a Planner Rebuild without success, there's nothing more you can do to recover your lost recordings.

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