Why has my on demand gone??

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Why has my on demand gone??

My on demand seems to have disappeared, I canceled my movies yesterday as there all old and I don't wanna pay £16 for that! Since then my catch up has gone, I can search manually via the search bar but there isn't a catch up menu any more! Is this usual?
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Re: Why has my on demand gone??

It happens if for some reason the box loses the internet connection, to get it up and working try these in this order:


Try resetting the connection, go to Settings > Network and press the red button.

If this hasn't worked remove the ethernet cable from the back of the box that goes to either your router or the wireless connector then plug it back in after 3 minutes.

Something else to try is to reboot your sky box at the mains, after powering it back up wait a further 5 minutes before using the box again.


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