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Watch sky planner on sky go

Hi i hope someone will know the answer to this i record a lot of things on my sky planner and would really love to be able to watch them on my phone or ipad. I know there are apps like sky go but you are unable to watch your own planner, so does anyone know how this can be done? And if it cant be done then why hasnt sky made it possible thanks for reading
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Re: Watch sky planner on sky go

Hi s.shenton,

Welcome to the Sky Help Forum!

Unfortunately this is not something currently available on the Sky platform, however we appreciate your feedback and queries.

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Re: Watch sky planner on sky go

From what I've been seeing in the online forums this seems to be a very popular subject, I for one would like to see SKY put all them billions to good use and make us the "valued customers" happy....

Regards, Daniel.