Virgin-Sky Atlantic August 1st?

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Virgin-Sky Atlantic August 1st?

I am hearing that Virgin Media get both BT Sports and Sky Atlantic(HD as well) on August 1st(I knew Virgin and Sky had been in talks for a long time over Sky Atlantic)



What i really want to know if this turns out to be true is what is SKY going to do to counter these platforms?


BT Sports channels are free if you get BT's Broadband and Virgin getting Sky Atlantic is pretty much Virgin's last hurdle that SKY viewers had over them


All we have seen from our side is you guys taking away the boxsets for none HD customers..oh and of course the usual price rise coming this September

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Re: Virgin-Sky Atlantic August 1st?

Hi metallicorphan,


Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us about a supposed launch of Sky Atlantic on Virgin Media soon.


At the moment we have no information in regard to this happening to be perfectly honest with you and your post was the first I have seen mentioning this for a while. I can only assume that when/if this happens, you would see it reflected on Virgin's advertising in the future. 


I am sorry that i cannot be of more help with this at the moment. If you have any other questions or queries then please let us know.



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Re: Virgin-Sky Atlantic August 1st?

virgin media are not getting either of these (as you probably guessed by now with it been past august the 1st)


BT could not come to an agreement with virgin media and the talks sky have had with them have not led anywere since july 


so i doubt theykll get any anytime soon



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Re: Virgin-Sky Atlantic August 1st?

actually although obviously it is not August 1st they get these,they ARE still in talks for both



Atlantic looking the closer deal,as 

"Sky staff have now been given strict instructions to cease and desist from claiming exclusivity for Sky Atlantic on the Sky platform."



And apparently BT want Virgin to offer BT sports as a Premium channel like SKY are doing,when Virgin want the same deal they had in place for ESPN(free to VIP members),i am sure one side will give in soon enough with the Premier League starting soon

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Re: Virgin-Sky Atlantic August 1st?

Hi All,


Thank you for all of your comments relative to Sky Atlantic and indeed  BT Sports on the Sky platform.


I can confirm that Sky Atlantic currently is exclusive to the Sky platform as part of our package subscriptions. In terms of any alignment between BT Sports and Virgin Media i am afraid (as i am sure you will appreciate) we have no information relative to this however, you can access BT Sports using your Sky equipment of which more information can be found here


@metallicorphan can you confirm as to where your "quote" has been sourced from as you have neglected to include a source of this information.


Thanks again

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Re: Virgin-Sky Atlantic August 1st?

hmm,sorry about that,let me look for it,i know it was not from an official source because it was where i get my Virgin news



Okay,here you go



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Re: Virgin-Sky Atlantic August 1st?

Thanks metallicorphan


I am not one to query the validity of this particular site however, i will categorically state that the inference of any "cease and desist" relative to Sky staff and Sky Atlantic is completely unfounded. 


If and when there are any announcements with regards to the development of Sky Atlantic and/or the availability of this channel on other platforms you will hear it here first Smiley Happy


Thanks again for getting back me much appreciated 

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Re: Virgin-Sky Atlantic August 1st?

I have a few friends on virgin media,really wanting sky Atlantic.dont u think its about time it was on there.surely from a business prospective and extra advertising costs it would be good
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Re: Virgin-Sky Atlantic August 1st?

Hi Jacqueline+Quinn,



Thanks for taking the time to post on the Sky Forum.


Great to see your friends are interested in Sky Atlantic, Regards having the channel on Virgin you would need to contact them to get the reason why it's not available on their service.


Let us know how you get on when you contact them.




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Re: Virgin-Sky Atlantic August 1st?

Hi Jane,
Having spoke to my friends on virgin media they are getting mixed info?
You are witholding it from virgin and another one as said the cost is to high at the minute.
However one of my friends said he contacted the ceo's office quite recently regarding sky Atlantic and they were apparently quite complimentary towards sky saying we are always in active talks with sky regarding sky Atlantic and others and not to believe everything you read in the press as ourselves and sky have a great active relationship and there isnt the hostility that the press would make us believe.
That is nice to hear and I really hope for my friends at least that yourselves and virgin media can come to a deal to show sky Atlantic there missing out on some great shows
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Re: Virgin-Sky Atlantic August 1st?

If VM get Sky Atlantic, which wont be anytime soon. Unless forced to offer at a reasonable price. Anyway I think that's why Sky have trademarked Sky Bravo in all genre's. So they can switch all those programs on Sky Atlantic to Sky Bravo eventually. IMO