The cable to my sky dish has been cut!

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The cable to my sky dish has been cut!

My friendly neighbour has been getting rid of a rather nasty vine that has attached itself to the wall of our adjoining houses.  Since he has we have had no sky signal.  After investigating I have discovered that one of the 2 wires that run from the dish into the house has a slight cut in it (exposing some of the wires etc).  The signal checker says we have no signal at all.


Can you advise me of there will be a cost and more importantly how much it is likely to be?  Can you also advise me if I can get an independant local aerial fitter to replace it should the cost from Sky be too expensive for me to afford. 


Having been made redundant in May I am struggling a little financially and could do without it!


Many thanks



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Re: The cable to my sky dish has been cut!

Your cheapest option might be to source an independent engineer. I'm sure SKY charge in the region of £60 for an engineer visit, and that's a little steep to pay for just one of your feeds to be replaced.


Phone some local guys first and get a quote.

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Re: The cable to my sky dish has been cut!

Hi - thanks for the advice.  I will try a local first I think!



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Re: The cable to my sky dish has been cut!

You neighbour should be paying anyway - unless the cables run through their property.

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Re: The cable to my sky dish has been cut!

Just to add to this, it may not be just a simple case of replacing the twin coax cable.


If there has been any rain, then the could easily and quickly cause watch to find it's way along the whole length of the cable any mess up the LNB and perhaps the STB. For this reason, provided it isn't too late, I would immediately disconnect the coax from the rear of the STB until it has been investigated and repaired.


A standard 4-Port LNB for the Sky dish should cost around £10. There are at least two different sizes though, so be careful if you need to take this option.

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