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Re: The Newsroom- eps 6-10 where are they?

Hi. It's now been 11 days since newsroom ep 6-10 were meant to be uploaded (according to sky's documented promise from before) and 6 days since you said you'd look into it. Can we please have some honest and timely customer communication? Is that too much to ask for? thanks. Yours overly patient yet extremely frustrated customer.

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Re: The Newsroom

Andy-F21 wrote:

Hey Everyone, I have an exciting update from 'The Newsroom'...get it? Smiley Wink


Episodes 1-5 of Newsroom Season 1 will be available until Sunday 14th July.

Episodes 6-10 will be available 15th to 31st July.

Episodes 1-5 will be available again 1st to 11th of August.

Episodes 6-10 available 12th to 25th August.

After 25th Aug no episodes of Newsroom Season 1 will be available On Demand.


There should be a HD and SD equivalent for all.


I hope this helps. If you need anything else then let me know.



Are the On Demand dates for August correct?

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Re: The Newsroom

Well none of the July ones were so I doubt it very much.  Irritating though that nobody has come back to us as promised Smiley Mad.

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Re: The Newsroom

Hi everyone,


Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.


As far as we can find out the dates posted by Andy previously are still correct for August. However I am still awaiting confirmation on this.


Although not ideal The Newsroom Ep 6 will air on Sky Atlantic HD tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10pm. The rest of the series will follow in the same slot weekly.


I know this isn't the best update but I will try to get more information as soon as possible.






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