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System Fault 10-7



Just gone to watch something in my planner and now keep receiving this message "System Fault" 10-7 Sky + playback and recording are unavailable.


Everything has gone from my planner, I cannot pause, play or record anything. Please help



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Re: System Fault 10-7

Hi leekstokie, 


As this is your first post I would like to welcome you to the community. 


The first step we would advise to resolve a system fault is a planner rebuild (this will hopefully bring back your recordings), if this fails to work then we would ask you to try a full system reset (this will delete all planned/existing recordings and series links). Unfortunately if both these steps do not resolve the problem, please get in touch so we can discuss a service call or you can visit MySky to see what upgrade offers may be available to you. 


Let us know how you get on. 



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Re: System Fault 10-7

hi, i am getting the same system fault 10-7,, cant rewind, record, no planner, cant even buy from box office, when i try the planner rebuild the message housekeeping does not stay on screen any longer than two seconds, the screen then goes blue. This continues for some time, i left it for half an hour and it did nothing else. the instructions say it will turn off by itself this did not happen. any help please 




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Re: System Fault 10-7

Hi killieman,


What is it you are doing when you see the "System Fault 10-7" message?  Are you presented with any errors when you try to rewind, record etc?


How many times have you tried the planner rebuild? Can you try it again for me please, and let me know what happens?