Suspicious activity was detected on your account.

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Suspicious activity was detected on your account.

So I am trying to reply to an email - single recipient, not multiple recipients (though the mail was sent to multiple recipients, & lo & behold in the web mail portal i get the following message: Suspicious activity was detected on your account. To protect your account and those of our users, your message was not sent. Please follow the guidelines outlined on our help page to resume sending mail. <REMOVED>? I check my sent items, nothing, check my deleted items, noting untoward there. so now I can't reply to emails, thanks to Yahoo!'s absolute <REMOVED> of a mail client, why oh why did Sky ever switch to this utter <REMOVED> mail client I will never know but there we go. TBH the whole switchover is a little bit <REMOVED>. can someone fix the mail client, or move us back to Googlemail, which atleast was (a) stable & (b) worked thanks



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Re: Suspicious activity was detected on your account.

Hi Nephilim,


Thank you for taking the time to post on the forum.


I am sorry to read that you have been having some issues with sending emails to more than one recipient at any one time. What we would ask you to try with this problem if to try resetting your password by going to this page and entering the requested details. If you can do this and close the browser, then try to log in to your emails once again, and then try to send your email once again.


If you are getting this problem while trying to send an email through an email client, if you can reset your password as above and then delete the account from your email client, reboot your device, and then try to set it up again as if doing so for the very first time by following the steps laid out here.


I hope this helps. If you have any further questions or queries please reply to my post.