Special Reduction on HD Box Warranty - Scam more like

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Special Reduction on HD Box Warranty - Scam more like

Just had a phone call from 'Sky Protect' offering to reduce my warranty cost from £9 odd a month to £5.75 as a special offer. Apparently Sky have taken on a lot of new engineers and can offer a special discount. Lady said she was definitely from Sky and she had my name and address (not on full electoral role just the edited private one).


Asked me for my debit card details as Sky changing from direct debits to save me going overdrtawn when they take the money. Yeah right.


I said I didn't have my card on me and she demanded to know when I would have it. Said I caouldn't find it. Said her name was Kirsty and she told me to ring her on 0844 846 7200 when I had my card available.


This number is not Sky (Googled it) and I feel I was nearly scammed there!


I would end up with two warranties, assuming she wasn't just trying a phishing expedition for my debit card number.


Anyway, I am not that stupid, so people be on your guard.


These people should not be saying that they are from Sky.

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Re: Special Reduction on HD Box Warranty - Scam more like

Hi myfyr,


Thanks for sharing your experience with the community and I'm glad to hear that you were not scammed, as that certainly sounds like what it was to.


The only warranty supplied through Sky is our SkyProtect service, details of which can be found here.


We would not ask for payment details in the manner you described we would write to you if anything like that was to change.  



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Re: Special Reduction on HD Box Warranty - Scam more like

Yes, I am already a Sky Protect customer - the real one.


THese people thought they would scam me by saying they were Sky and were reducing my monthly cost. Asking for my debit card details set the alarm bells ringing. Preventing me going overdrawn by switching from direct debit to debit card! How does that work exactly? Perhaps I should have said that I work in financial services and that their remark was bovine excrement!


Their number is in my last post. Sky should do something about these scammers impersonating them.

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