Skygo & Skygo Desktop!

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Skygo & Skygo Desktop!

Hi, I bow to your superior knowlege and ask for your assistance.


I have a good connection, good line speed but having major issues with skygo adn teh desktop, to the level where I am just about ready to give up adn move to netflix or something similar. Been in contact with Sky support and to be honest they have been useless only to advise they dont know wha the issue is and that they will report it and someone will be back to me via email/phone to look into it further.. guess what no call or email


Windows 7 64bit, 10mb line speed, line is not overloaded with other devices




Skygo (via browser) picture lags constantly, not lag where it freezes but constantly where it starts,stoops, starts, stops and so on.. This will last for the full movie/programme you are watching. Audio has no lag.. When watching "on now" via skygo no issue at all, no log in picture or sound


Skygo, "on now" , press on pop out, pop out appears but no picture follows


Skygo desktop - instantly slows down when started and will take an incredible amount of time just to accept username/password... so long you need to close it down


latest version of silverlight installed..


Any help before I look to netflix etc



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Re: Skygo & Skygo Desktop!


Just found a n old website with the following instructions... SKY get your finger out and sort this... this complaint is going back years and still it is outstanding!


Instructions from my post below:


Login to Sky Go, select and watch your movie/tv programme.

DO NOT switch to full screen mode

Let it play the adverts (have found that these are OK and stuttering starts when the movie begins)

Once the movie starts presss pause

Right-Click and select Silverlight

Select the Application Storage Tab

Uncheck box for Enable Application Storage

Click OK


Press Play to continnue watching movie and switch to Full Screen if you wish


Important: When finished you must follow the procedure above and Check box for Enable Application Storage to select and watch any new content


This process will also work for live (without pressing pause obviously) or downloaded items

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