SkyGo Mac Silverlight Plugin Error

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SkyGo Mac Silverlight Plugin Error



I'm experiencing problems with the Silverlight Plug-In and am not able to watch skygo on my MacBook on any browser.


IOS 10.8.4

Newest version of Silverlight


When I try to watch skygo in Safari, there is a Plug-In Error, with Crome it tells me the "Silverlight Plug-In has crashed" and with Firefox its the same thing.


I reinstalled the plugin a couple of times, that doesn't do the trick.


Any help?

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Re: SkyGo Mac Silverlight Plugin Error

Hi Danny+Ocean,


Thanks for posting on the Forum,


I can see that your Mac OSX is Mountain Lion and at the moment we cannot support this OSX. If there is an issue with the silverlight plug-in itself it may be something that you can speak to Microsoft themselves or a member of the community may be able to help.



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Re: SkyGo Mac Silverlight Plugin Error



I'm having the same problem - everytime I try to watch something on Sky Go either live or on demand I get a blank screen and am told the silverlight plug-in has crashed. Happens on Safari, Firefox and Chrome.


Tried reinstalling silverlight a few times but it doesn't help.


I'm running OS X 10.8.5 and the newest version of Silverlight.


This is incredibly annoying - please help.

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Re: SkyGo Mac Silverlight Plugin Error

I am also having the same problem. When trying to watch anything live through my laptop I keep getting a black screen saying 'loading plugin' then I get an error message saying 'Apologies, this item has been interrupted due to an error. Please click play to resume watching.[t:3222 / c:4110]'


When I click play again the same thing happens, have tried uninstalling and re-installing silverlight, shuting down laptop. Been messing around for over 2 hours and can't get anything to work. This is really annoying me as it was all working fine this morning, then had lunch came back to it and now no channels are working!!