SkyGo Buffering????

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SkyGo Buffering????

My Sky go on my PC constantly Buffering on any setting other than Low?


My speed test on my Internet connection is coming back with my full 20mb and 2mb up? My PC is wired directly in to my router. 


My iPad however has the best picture, even better than my PC on High Quality setting. On the same connection and wireless. You would think that the Wired PC would have a better picture. Because the picture is so good with no buffering on the iPad I know its nothing to do with my connection?



I have tried different browsers Chrome/IE/Safari and have the same issue with each. I have also tired uninstalling Silverlight and reinstalling it to no avail. 


Can only be something Sky's end really. Providing a service that is realistically unusable.

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Re: SkyGo Buffering????

Hi KieranBowley,


Welcome to the Community and thanks for posting.


Sorry to see that you are having these issues.


Is this happening every time you try and watch Sky Go?


In some cases, congestion out with the property can have an effect on this.


I look forward to hearing from you.



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Re: SkyGo Buffering????

As I said, my connection is perfect and the onoy traffic goingout of it is mine. I work in IT in the City so know what i'm on about.


I have the smae channel playing on the web version on my PC and on my iPad. on the iPad i get crystal clear picture and no buffereing at all, it never drops out. And on the web version I can only play it on Low and the picture is awful, and it still drops out all the time and buffers ever 5-10 seconds.


The PC is wired into my router directly and get top speeds and pictire when using any other streaming service. My ipad is running on 5ghz Wifi and if anything i'd expect that to be the device thats having the problem not the PC.


I have before you ask me again reinstalled Silverlight and tried Hardware acceleration  on and off, makes no difference.

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Re: SkyGo Buffering????

Very annoying!!!


Trying to watch the Arsenal game on my PC on Sky Go and its unwatchable!!! Buffering every few seconds.


Turn on the City game on ITV Player and get a perfect crystal clear picture on that! One is a free service and one I have to pay through the nose for, there is something clearly wrong with this picture.


Tell me Sky why do I pay an extortionate amount of money for a service that clearly does not work!!


Please can someone technical give some sort of explanation for this?

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Re: SkyGo Buffering????

Hi Folks,

I tried to use sky go last night to watch the Celtic Barcelona game at my parents house.


On having the repeated buffering issues on the PC I switched to my xbox and got the same issue.

Even after killing all the online devices in the house and plugging the PC directly into the cable(virgin media) modem and test showing a steady 20Mb connection I still had buffering issues on Auto quality setting.(even at lowest)


To test the issue even further I decided to try watching the game through a popular online site known for relaying skysports- guess what..picture perfect..even near HD results with zero lagging. Although the game was about 4 minutes behind but a small price to pay for a better quality of service.


I would like some transparancy from SKY as to how the service works as I suspect there may be a bit of ISP profiling going on here(or maybe VM throttles selective services?). If only they would provide realtime technical information to help the end consumer make an informed bit of technical reasoning.


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Re: SkyGo Buffering????

Thing is it used to run very well and I used to watch all the mid week games on my PC next to the sofa while the wife and I caught up with programs recorded on our SkyHD box.


Streaming programs from Sky Anytime + is perfect even the HD content. 


It is just Sky Go that is having these issues. And the amount that we pay for the privilege to have the sports channels I believe we should be compensated for not being able to watch the service in Sky Go or at very lease have someone from Sky give us some assurances that they are looking in to getting theses issues resolved.

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Re: SkyGo Buffering????

Everyone experiences the same problems with Sky  - <REMOVED>


The only way is to vote with your feet - (or vote with our feet) and leave Sky - shame there's no alternative though


I am seriously thinking about leaving sky - <REMOVED> and i am utterly pi**ed off with the skygo service


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Re: SkyGo Buffering????

I am also suffering with serious buffering issues. All this week has been dire. Have googled this to death and just no answers that solve the problem. My download speed is normally 8 to 10mb/s. In fact, I tried the settings on manual, first High and then Medium quality, and both times, after about 5 minutes, my PC just froze and required the big finger to reboot, just couldn't do anthing with it. Now back on Auto, and the buffering is getting on my nerves. The only solution is to give up, and cancel my Sky Go ticket. Shame, but there it is. On the bright side, maybe it is a good thing, as football is starting to wind me up recently, so maybe I will not miss it :-)

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Re: SkyGo Buffering????

Hi amheuwr 


Thanks for your post. 


Can you tell me if you uninstalled and reinstalled silverlight also checked that you have the most up to date video driver? 


Let me know how you get on. 



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