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Sky router login

Cant login in to change the settings on my router it wont accept admin sky as user and password and I haven't changed them as this is the first time I have logged into it. Any help would be great

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Re: Sky router login

Try These


Username: admin

Password: sky


in lower case

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Re: Sky router login

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i have same problem.    Boradband unlimited ot whatever garbage package its meant to be,  speed tests over 3 days indicate 0.5Mb download, sick.   been with sky people online & phone for 3 days, no luck yet.  i cannot login to my router as admin and sky are not accepted.

i notice stantheman ''superuser'' did [removed] all to help the opener of this thread, can i have someone who will read before replying??  sky, i hate you today. Man Mad

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Re: Sky router login

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If the usual two are not working (admin and sky) then you can reset it back to this so that they do work. To do this just us a pin or something in the small hole on the outside of the router.


Regarding your slow speeds, have you plugged your connection into the test socket in your master box which should be near to where the phone line comes into your property ?


stantheman provided the details to the Op who wanted them as per the question in the first post, what more was he supposed to have done ?


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