Sky go xbox not in sync

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Sky go xbox not in sync

Hi all, 


Lately I have been using Sky on the xbox and on the channels with the Auto quality settings the Audio and Picture is not in sync with each other. It is fine on all channels without the Auto settings but does this on all of the channels with auto on. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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Re: Sky go xbox not in sync

Good Morning K.Shannon,

Thanks for your post.

Sorry to read that you are having issues using the Sky Go app on your Xbox.

Can I ask you to delete the app from your Xbox, reboot the console and then install the app once again?

Please let us know how you get on with that as we may have to investigate this further.

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Re: Sky go xbox not in sync



Thanks for the reply. That did not make any difference I also tried streaming on the Sky website and thats behind as well

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Re: Sky go xbox not in sync

Hi K.Shannon 


Thanks for your posts, 


Can you tell me if this is connected via wireless or wired? What speeds are you getting as well please? 



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Re: Sky go xbox not in sync

Are you serious?  This has been going on for a year and you keep posting the same reply, reboot the xbox.  I don't usually say this to staff, but search the forums.  Search google 'sky go out of sync' and see how long this has been going on for.

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Re: Sky go xbox not in sync

Been reading all the threads on here about Xbox being out of sync , I thought it was just me , I've always had sky'sports 2 out of sync and sky 1 , put it on to watch the and sky sports 1 is put of sync Smiley Sad All others channels are fine , I've tried via wireless and Ethernet ,both the same , tried deleting , resetting , clearing cache etc etc everything in the posts that I found by clicking on the ' answer is in this thread ' and then had to searchanother thread . Our Broadband is mega fast , 30 meg.or so , I've asked a couple of people at work recently and they said they had issues with this also . Any updates on this sky apart from saying , delete and reinstall or how fast is your connection and is it connected via Ethernet or wireless , there must be some way to fix it ? I always watch sky sports 1 , wasn't too bothered when it was sky sports 2 but all the football is always on ss1. Please can you try and fix it and reply with an acknowledgment that there's a problem and if its been looked onto ? Guess I should have reported sooner as it looks like its being on for ages . Thanks