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Sky go on demand does nothing but buffer.

Just tried sky go for the first time...


I've put it on the xbox and am quite confused.


If I try to watch something on demand it will buffer for a good minute, then play for 1-3 seconds before stopping to buffer again... and this is just the adverts at the beginning... I havent made it to the actual film. It's also doing it if I try on the laptop. 


Now, admittedly the internet we have is quite poor and slow... But this makes no sense since Netflix, iPlayer, etc and even live streaming on Sky Go all work perfectlyw ithout a single stop to load.


Anyone know what is going on?

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Re: Sky go on demand does nothing but buffer.

Hello Squallseed3.


I was sorry to read you are having issues with Sky Go on both your laptop and your Xbox.


Can you let me know if you have liked your Sky iD to your TV account?


If not please click on this link and follow the instructions.


Come back and let us know how you get on Smiley Happy


Kind Regards

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Re: Sky go on demand does nothing but buffer.

Yeah, I've done all that. It just seems really strange that it can't load an on demand video but works perfectly on the highest quality streams.

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Re: Sky go on demand does nothing but buffer.

Good afternoon Squaliseed3


Sorry that you are still having an issue with On Demand content buffering on your Xbox :-(


There are some troubleshooting steps on this link which may help and certainly wont do any harm.


You also mention that your broadband speed isn't the greatest, who is your broadband provider and what download speed do you get?


Get back to us when you can as we are as keen as you to get this resolved.