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Sky go: Error in the script; Anytime online: Data file not found; live TV: working OK

After installing new privacy control programmes for Internet security protection to prevent viruses etc my sky go app seems to have stopped working.


At first when I tried to load it it mentioned something about active x or something so I changed basic Internet security levels and I never got this warning, however, now when I load sky go I get:


error in script on page. Line 13 char 1 unable to get value of the property 'focus': object null or undefined, followed by a url which I am not copying in case I get my computer hacked. However, the gist of it is that silverlight is out of browser 307084451 index.


I do not know how to resolve this issue any help??


I am thinking that the silverlight programme is not working within Internet explorer as it should do. I do not know what indexes. I have seen reference to them in control panel.


I do not want to have to get rid of all my new software that cost money and reduce Internet security to a non existent level in order to run sky go. Surely the programmes can run alongside each other since none are malicious.


What am I supposed to do.. No more sky go for me I suppose, shame, I can however watch live TV online but if I go to anytime I get the following message unable to locate data file and a code t3137-c1501.


I never had any of these problems before installing new software to protect my computer and speed up its performance.


What am I supposed to do without sky go???? Please help!

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Re: Sky go: Error in the script; Anytime online: Data file not found; live TV: working OK

Hi timhart83,


It sounds like the problem you are having has been triggered by the introduction of the new software to your system.  The error (C:1501) that you are receiving does indicate an issue with the Silverlight application.


To try and resolve this, and prevent you from needing to worry about internet security, can you run through these steps here.


Let us know the outcome!