Sky disconnected me - now I can't have our number back!

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Sky disconnected me - now I can't have our number back!



If there is/are any Sky staff members who read this, could you please help?


My father in law used to get TV and Talk from you (my name is Mike D and my wife and I are listed on his account as being able to speak on his behalf as he's 83 and has dementia). We cancelled the TV in December, but for whatever reason you didn't cancel it. On Tuesday 7th Jan you rang me to say awfully sorry we didn't do the disconnection, we're going to do it today. Unfortunately you disconnected my Father in laws telephone, as well as the TV on the Tuesday, but were supposed to turn off the TV package ONLY.

This was discovered on Wednesday morning when we couldn't contact their number.



After a number of phone calls to Sky, I have been told that we can't have the number back as "it's been cancelled down".


But, as this is Sky's mistake, and they have had this number for a long time and is distributed to a number of care and social services, as well as friends and family, I'm afraid that won't wash. I know that to fix this you will need to speak to BT, and that is probably a bitter pill to swallow, but there we are. 


I appreciate the fact you have connected a new number to his home for their CareCall system, and I thank you for being so swift.


I have raised an official complaint with yourselves on 9th January at 14.30 with someone called Linda, but I'm afraid I don't know what department, probably customer service. 

I received a phone call this evening (Friday 10th Jan) and spoke with a lady in the Sky Accesibility Dept (Fax no 01383 815xxx), who tell has told me a number of times that it's not in Sky's power to fix this as the number has gone into the 'pool' of numbers. That, I'm afraid is hogwash, and can be fixed, but it just requires Sky to do something and work a bit at this.

To this end, I have asked her to escalate this complaint to a senior member of staff and am waiting to hear back from somebody within the next 2 working days (End of play Tuesday 14th Jan). The lady has advised me that the outcome will be the same. (I still don't believe it.)

As you will know, under Ofcom regulations, disconnected numbers cannot be reissued for a period of 6 months, partially for reasons like this in mind.

Despite this, however you look at it, if business can specify a telephone number they would like for their business, the same should be possible for others so this may be something that can be done?


Additionally, besides the formal complaint raised with yourselves on the 9th, I am also raising the complaint through using their online process. Sky is listed as one of the companies that use this service.


If somebody would kindly email me directly on so that this matter can be resolved as quickly as possible that would be appreciated. I will then be able to give you the account number and telephone numbers involved etc.


Many thanks




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Re: Sky disconnected me - now I can't have our number back!

Hi AlanH31,


Thanks for your your post and sorry to hear all you have gone through as regards this issue. As this is an account related issue, I will escalate it and you will get a private message from my colleague who will take it up from there.


Many thanks,


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Re: Sky disconnected me - now I can't have our number back!

Thank you Ola, I look forward to hearing from you.



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Re: Sky disconnected me - now I can't have our number back!

Looks like we're off to BT then.


After lengthy discussions on the phone, apparently Sky can't fix it, but BT can. Of course any charges to do this will need to be met by Sky. Although I am told we do have reasonable grounds to take it to the ombudsman (not surprisingly).


So should have stayed with BT in the first place. So having been lied to by SSE (told MUST change line to them to change energy provider), and Sky simply disconnecting us because they didn't read their own instructions as to not to disconnect the phone, just the TV, my poor old FIL 83yo with dementia has had it rough.


Seems the moral is, sometimes switching is not the best thing.