Sky+ box broken

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Sky+ box broken

My parents sky + box has broken.  It won't turn on, we have checked the remote, turned off the box etc, all the things on the help page. 


They called sky to ask for a repair and was told their box is out of warranty.  They were not offered to have an engineer come out for a cost, but told that they could upgrade their box for free to HD for an extra £10 per month.  My mum quite rightly said that she didn't mind paying extra if she would get more channels but they said she wouldn't, she would just be able to watch the same channels she has now in HD if an HD channel was available.  They would also need an HD TV.

They declined HD

They only other thing offered to them is cancellation?!

Surely they can either have an engineer out or pay for a replacement standard Sky+??????


She is likely to cancel now and more to another provider, disgusting when she has been a Sky customer for many years.  I too am a Sky+ customer and will be looking at other deals

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Re: Sky+ box broken


Have you tried a forced download to the box, this may resolve the issue


To perform a forced download


1. Turn the power off to the set top box at the mains

2. Press the backup button on the set top box and keep held down.

3. Re-apply the mains power, keeping the backup button held down,

4. When all the lights on the set top box come on, and you see a message on the TV to wait up to 10 minutes, release the backup button

5. When the download completes, the set top box will go in to standby.

6. Wait 2 or 3 minutes and turn the set top box on.


This will retain the programs you have recorded on the set top box.




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Re: Sky+ box broken

Hi I had to go for the option to have my sky multiroom box "replaced" by sky for £60.00 . I was told that I would get a new box. They gave me an old reconditioned box with a crack in the front !! They took away my old box (afer two seperate visits and wasted days in waiting for an engineer to turn up and then who didnt bother even calling!!!) My second box is working but its not what was promised. When I complained they said "tough" and they would listen back to the telephone call.. No one has since called back. I was also told that all the wires and LNB ect would be replaced. I got a new LNB but it has made the signal worce and my main box (the one I previously had no problems with) now wont record movies properly and the sound keeps dropping out. If I were you dont pay for anything as they can't keep their promises...


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Re: Sky+ box broken

Hi hungrycat, The out of warranty service call at £65 includes a Grade A replacement which should be in full working order and be free of any major cosmetic damage. It would not however be a new box. If a panel is cracked we would be happy to arrange a replacement and discuss the signal issues if you contact us within the 90 day warranty on the service call.

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Sky+ box broken

My sky box isnt working.


It takes ages to boot up the EPG when you swiotch on and not available


It is not longer recording anything on the SKY+ record function.  If you record something and switch channel the picture will go.  Needs switching off and on again.  Havent recorded anything for ages.


How do I deal with this





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Re: Sky+ box broken

Dont waste money on calling their engineers for £65 and getting bad service. Look on e-Bay. I just bought a second hand box for £5. For £30 you can get one with a year's guarntee.


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Re: Sky+ box broken

I've got a similar problem, but surely my viewing card won't work in a new box ? ? won't it have to be paired to the box in some way, in which case how ? ?

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Re: Sky+ box broken

Hi pinggolfer10,


Nice to see some new names coming up on the Forum.


Can you let me know exactly what is happening with your box?


Hopefully we can assist further.





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