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Sky Text

Disgusted to see that Sky are now removing the text service.  With no internet access at home and no mobile signal there will be no way for me to access this information.  Any chance Sky are going to reduce the price to compensate ?  Seems we are losing an awful lot from Sky - no Premiership Rugby, On Demand offerings now very limited and their latest of stopping Sky text, poor customer service  - with no benefits to customer 

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Re: Sky Text

Totally support your remarks, whatever service we have from organisations we all are paying more but getting less for our money. Will this turn out in the future to be another way of charging for this service, eg. HD was free when it started


My conceren is that by removing the Sky Text we will not be able to see what Sky live sports programmes will be available, how on earth can Sky customers plan their viewing if we don't know what you will be showing.


Remember when we got a free montlhy magazine as part of the package we signed up for.


I challenge anyone from Sky to explain how we can get the information  you are removing from our TV package


One of many very disappointed customers


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Re: Sky Text

I totally agree prices keep going up but service is getting worse not value for money anymore gonna start shopping around at the competition got to be worth a go had enough of greedy greedy sky!
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Re: Sky Text

Couldn't agree more with previous comments as it has been an extremely useful tool and far better in content and reporting than the BBC's alternative. It seems every company/corporation are driven by greed these days. Fairly sure Sky will end up charging for this service in due course maybe under a different guise!!

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Re: Sky Text

Hi all.


Sorry to read you're unhappy about the removal of Sky Text.


We're now focussing on the Sky Sports and Sky News apps and hope to improve these services going forward. 


I appreciate that for some people this isn't ideal due to no Broadband connection at home etc so I will pass on your feedback to the relevant team.


Post back on the Forum if you need anything else.





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Re: Sky Text

Also disgusted that Sky Text is to be removed from our package. The sport section is checked regularly in our household. It has information that you don't get on the TV channel.


I see that the Sky Sports app is iPad only so that not an alternative for us.


The first we saw of this a was a few days ago. Not really much notice given for the service being removed either.

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Re: Sky Text



Cannot believe the blasé manner in which you give the official Sky response! What is wrong with offering both the apps and the text service (surely Sky is making enough money from their long-suffering customers to afford this!). Not everyone has the necessary means to utilise the apps or, alternatively, the inclination to turn to their phone/ipad to sign into the text. When you are sitting in front of your tv, the natural, easy and obvious thing to do is press the text button. Sky should be offering improvements to their public - not downgrading what one pays for. For approximately £70 per month I expect more not less!!! One further point - this 'free' On Demand box that I received recently is not a patch on our YouView provided by TalkTalk. Why does it take near enough half an hour to download a 30 minute programme on, for example, BBC iPlayer? It's virtually instantaneous on YouView, iPad etc.


Whether or not Sky pay any attention to this disgruntled customer's point-of-view is also of interest or will they blithely go on taking more but giving less in this insanely profit conscious age!



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Re: Sky Text

Also disgusted that the text service has gone,as a keen sports fan it was very easy to check for latest news,tables fixtures etc.The money Sky is raking in every month surely covers a text service, I don't suppose the charge will decrease for lack of services .Very disgruntled.

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Re: Sky Text

Absolutely agree with your comments and if YouView was available in our area we would change over today.
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Re: Sky Text

For interested parties, the following has been extracted/copied from Wikipedia, which is commonly available through any browser (therefore, not my opinion)! The first sentence in Gordon Brown's statement is particularly eye-catching. Nothing seems to have changed much, even if the operating name of the corporate company may have changed!



On 12 July 2011, former Prime Minister, Gordon Brown claimed that BSkyB's majority owner - News Corporation attempted to affect government policy with regards to the BBC in pursuit of its own commercial interests.[84] He went further, in a speech in Parliament on 13 July 2011, stating:

"Mr James Murdoch, which included his cold assertion that profit not standards was what mattered in the media, underpinned an ever more aggressive News International and BSkyB agenda under his and Mrs Brooks’ leadership that was brutal in its simplicity. Their aim was to cut the BBC licence fee, to force BBC online to charge for its content, for the BBC to sell off its commercial activities, to open up more national sporting events to bids from BSkyB and move them away from the BBC, to open up the cable and satellite infrastructure market, and to reduce the power of their regulator, Ofcom. I rejected those policies." [85]



Financial results have been as follows:[1]

Turnover and profit or loss, by fiscal year

Year ended               Turnover (£m)                     Profit/(loss)before tax (£m)                   Net profit/(loss)(£m)

30 June 2012                6,791                                               1,189                                                         906

30 June 2011                 6,597                                               1,014                                                         810

30 June 2010                5,912                                               1,173                                                         878

30 June 2009                5,359                                                   456                                                         259

30 June 2008                4,952                                                     60                                                        (127)

30 June 2007                4,551                                                   815                                                         499

30 June 2006                4,148                                                   798                                                         551

30 June 2005                4,048                                                   631                                                         425

30 June 2004                3,656                                                   480                                                         322

30 June 2003                3,186                                                   128                                                         190

30 June 2002                2,776                                              (1,276)                                                   (1,383)

30 June 2001                2,306                                                 (515)                                                       (539)

30 June 2000                1,847                                                 (263)                                                       (272)

30 June 1999                1,545                                                 (389)                                                       (285)

30 June 1998                1,434                                                  271                                                          249

30 June 1997                1,270                                                  314                                                          288

30 June 1996                1,008                                                  257                                                            –

30 June 1995                   778                                                  155                                                            –

30 June 1994                   550                                                    93                                                            –

30 June 1993                   380                                                   (76)                                                          –

30 June 1992                   233                                                 (188)                                                          –

30 June 1991                     93                                                 (759)                                                           –  



In summary, I think Sky can afford to keep running the text service, particulary the Sport section, don't you?

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Re: Sky Text

Sky this is totally Crapp have to go to BBC NOW but they don't tell me what's live on Sky absolute RUBBISH BAD ENOUGH CANT GET SKYGO ON MY MAC with mountain lion
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Re: Sky Text

couldn't agree with you anymore its shocking news
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Re: Sky Text

I only found this out when I tried to access it this morning (like I do every morning to check the weather amongst many other things)


I'm not going to come on here and say it was my only point of access because it wasn't, I have the internet, I have a smart phone but it was my preferred option which I thought I was paying my money for.


I don't use apps because the screen is tiny and difficult to navigate, also it eats up my usage allowance (which is an added cost on top of the £80!!! I pay Sky every month and now they've lowered the service I recieve


Angry wouldn't cover how I feel at the moment and I'm a 27 year old who has alternatives, what do they think there elderly customers are going to do? Use their Ipads?? Yeah right 

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Re: Sky Text

I agree entirely with the disgust shown in previous posts regarding the withdrawal of the Sky Text service. This service is vital to people who have no access to internet services or own an iPhone. We (the Sky customers) have already lost some live football matches to BT Sport among other losses, with no reduction whatsoever in the fees that Sky charge us. What will be the next service that Sky will be removing from our package without any consultation. Come on Sky, we the customers give you millions in profit every year, it's about time you gave something back, your greed is totally ubelievable. And as for the reply from Joss the Sky co-ordinator, what a pathetic response to all the posts on this forum. Please give us back our Sky text service.

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Re: Sky Text

Thoroughly agree with all comments, another instance of rip-off Sky tactics. We, like others on here only found out by accident that the text service had been arbitarily withdrawn. We have been Sky customers from almost day 1, when everything was free!

I got an apology of sorts from Ibrahim via Sky live chat, and a promise that my issue would be referred upstairs. I won't hold my breath. Just migrated early from o2 for broadband, got years subscription for this (almost) free so some compensation there. Heaven knows how much Sky broadband will increase once every o2 customer is on board!

Good to see the "pay more get less" ethos is prospering at Sky hq, We are Rugby League followers, the principal reason we have Sky Sports, however with the arrival of Premier Sports for a one off paymant of £95 we could watch almost all the RL we have time for, with the added bonus of not listening to Eddie & Stevo,  certainly something to think about Sky, if you're even vaguely interested.  

Rant over, this is my first posting here, hello to all.



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