Sky Sports App - Device Limit (READ)

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Sky Sports App - Device Limit (READ)

Hello many of us are experiencing problems with moving the Sky Sports App from one iPad to another. I think it is a joke about how many times this has happened but the makers of the App still have not solved the problem.

Has anyone managed to solve this problem as I am trying to and nothing is working, no one is replying to me on my posts and inboxes so I was wondering if anyone has experience this problem and solved it and if possible they could help me solve it as it is really frustrating me that I am not able to use the Sky Sports App on my preferred device.

Thank you for reading and if you can help me please.
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Re: Sky Sports App - Device Limit (READ)

Hi Stephane1970,


I do apologise for the late reply, I can see our Customer Supports guys were speaking to you via Private Message.


If you have any other query please feel free to post again Smiley Happy



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