Sky Router - Local DNS missing?

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Sky Router - Local DNS missing?

Hi All,


I'm a new Sky customer, on Sky Unlimited BB, with the Sagem Sky 2504n router..


The problem is it doesn't seem to do local DNS for all the machines it hands out DHCP addresses for..


So my questions are.. Am I missing something on the (very simple) GUI? Assuming i'm not.. and since Sky apparently dont allow you to use your own router (This is my ideal solution by the way as I would like to use my pfSense box and a ZyXel ADSL bridge), what are the chances of sky adding this to the router f/w?

Whats the best way to se3nd suggestions/requests to Sky? (preferably someeone technical/higher up)


If Sky are going to force users to use one product they really need to make sure it supports all the common standards that a user can reasonably expect the user to need.




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Re: Sky Router - Local DNS missing?

Hi sambartle,


Thanks for your suggestions and we always appreciate them. 


We currently don't have any information at the moment on this particular feature being added to the router and you're correct, we don't allow any other router to be used with our broadband service.



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Re: Sky Router - Local DNS missing?

So where are the sub menus on the router which appear on all the help pages, youtube pages, other pages, but do not appear on my router (I'm trying to port forward for sharing my minecraft maps)?

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