Sky Plus HD box stuck in standby

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Sky Plus HD box stuck in standby

I upgraded to a Sky Plus HD box with WiFi and have been using it for a few days.

The last couple of evenings I've come to watch TV for the first time since the previous evening but the box won't come out of standby mode and has the amber light on.

The standby button on the box won't work and neither will anything on the remote.

If I then turn it off at the mains and then back on, I get the Sky HD logo on screen and 'please wait'. Then I am eventually able to turn it on via the remote. Surely this isn't right? I don't want to have to do that everyday.

The only thing I haven't had on was my router, my Sky box is connected via WiFi, but surely this shouldn't make the box come on or not? I always turn my router off overnight and don't want to have to leave it on all the time.
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Re: Sky Plus HD box stuck in standby

Hi there,


Unfortuantly turning your router off with these new boxes seems to cause the issues. This has been reported to Sky development team and they are working on a fix. Untill a fix is sent out to customers it's recomended that customers either leave there router on or turn of the box's wifi connection when not in use. This is a temporary fix and seems to stop the box having issues with coming out of standby.



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Re: Sky Plus HD box stuck in standby

Hi derris


Welcome to the Sky Forum and it was great to see your first post.



As ste192013 says there appears to be some issues with our new Sky+HD WiFi boxes and we are working toward trying to resolve this, so keep visiting our Sky Forum for further updates and please try and leave your Router on or disable the WIFI from the functions of the Sky+HD WiFi Box , you can do this by following this link.


Remember to come back to the Sky Forum again if you have any other questions and see if our community can help




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