Sky+HD signal problems.....

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Sky+HD signal problems.....

Someone please help. Only in the last 24hrs has a problem developed with the signal for my Sky+HD. Intermittently there are pixelations on the screen in both normal and HD programmes, including the mini tv, then the signal will cut out completely, leaving error 25, No Satellite Signal is being Received. The signal returns, albeit still occasionally in a pixelated format, and the process repeats itself. Worse still if I try to change channel when there is no picture the HD box freezes and I have to unplug to try and reset the box. Do I really have to wait 9 days for an engineer? Is it new box time after only 4 months?



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Re: Sky+HD signal problems.....

Hi Skippy+Dexter, 


I am sorry to hear that you are having issues receiving the signal from Sky, are you able to confirm that the following troubleshooting tips have been tried?


It is possible that you may require a special heights team for the service call & this is why you have been advised that you have to wait 9 days for an appointment.

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Re: Sky+HD signal problems.....

I have had countless problems with loss of signal. Channels are all off again for the third time this year (last time was in May) and went three weeks without channels (AND no refund so £60 for a week of channels) even though I have Sky Cover yet someone I know without Sky Cover had servicing down within two days. If I ring up and am told I will have to wait nine days Sky will have lost another customer as enough is enough.

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Re: Sky+HD signal problems.....

Did they tell you why you had to wait nine days because I have just paid £65 for a home visit and he was here in two days. Perhaps try calling again and you might have more luck this time.


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