Sky+HD no signal on some channels

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Sky+HD no signal on some channels

Hi can anyone help???


Some of my channels are showing the no satellite signal is being received.  How can I sort this out, as most of the channels are ok it's just the odd one or two?

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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

Have you tried a force system update?


1. turn power off at the mains socket

2. press backup button on the set top box

3, re-apply the power holding the backup button down

4, when all the lights on the set top box come on, and you see a message to wait for 10 minutes, release the backup button

5, when the update has completed, the box will reboot. Wait 3 or so minutes and turn on using the remote.


Also try a planner rebuild (this sorts most bugs on sky boxes)


Also no signal trouble shoot below


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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

Make & Model of box?

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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

Hi, i need help too, i have the standard box and during winter i lose 20-30 channels to "no satellite signal" even when the weather is good. Have not had bad winter(no snow,heavy rain or gales) but still lose them, from end of dec to end of feb i dont get any of them but the rest of the year they are fine. I have a panasonic 1.2.0 and sky just say they have to send an engineer (£65) before doing any thing. Please help it always seems to be the channels i watch most that we lose.

many thanks

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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

What are your signal levels?


It could be that your dish is slightly out of alignment, your LNB is worn out, or the cabling suspect. Any or all of which will require an engineer visit (unless you're good at DIY!).


Another possibility, if only some channels are affected, is RF interference from, for example, energy saving light bulbs, broadband router, wireless telephones, baby monitors. If you have any of these in the same room as the Sky box, or near to the cable run from the dish, try switching them off, to see if the signal improves.

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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

You could firstly try the Troubleshooting steps for this problem.


Have you tried the Panasonic on someone else's setup?  This is to see if the problem is either box- or dish/LNB-related.  It is important to try this as it narrows down the fault to either the box itself, or your setup.


Old Panasonics do tend to produce 'No Satellite Signal' messages, particularly on low-band frequencies, and this common Panasonic fault may be the problem.  It's due to ageing.


Alternatively the LNB has a fault, or the skew is wrong.  Occasionally the LNB may shift on the arm and lose focus on the dish.

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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

Hi thanks to you both for your answers. The signal strength is about 80% full and the signal quality is just over 50%.

Would the RF interference only happen in winter as i have absolutely no problems the rest of the year? just this time of year.

Have tried all the trouble shooting steps but no change, what i really dont get is it just happens in winter, the rest of the time it is perfect so cant see that its a problem with the dish/cabling /box.

I have checked the dish and it is clean and cables correctly inserted as with the back of the box itself. 

As i have said we have had a really mild winter with  clear skies, only other time it happens is when it rains very heavily which is normal, never a problem with wind and only with heavy snow.

Many thanks 



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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

Hi jax31, 


It sounds like there may be a source of interference that may be causing this to happen. Can you confirm which channels are having signal issues?


I look forward to hearing from you.



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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

Aside from the problems inherent with ageing Panasonics that I mentioned earlier, your LNB skew may be incorrectly set.  This means that, in marginal atmospheric conditions, either some Horizontal- or Vertical-polarised frequencies will tend to drop out.  Replacing the LNB might be a good idea.  Also set the skew correctly.


Have you managed to try the box on a different set up at a friend's or neighbour's?

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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

I have the same problem. It can't be the dish as I have another box running off the same dish. The hd box is temperamental bbc one always flickers on and other random channels like sky sports channels
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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

Hi Birchie1,


It's great to welcome you to the Sky Help Forum!


If you are receiving the error message 'No Satellite Signal' on the screen, then I would suggest that you have a look at the troubleshooting steps to try and resolve this.


Let us know how you get on.



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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

We are having the same problems it is intermittent. Yesterday when it was raining hard and the wind was howling it was ok now, we are unable to rewind and if we try Channel 5 we get the message"Your Sky+HD Box isn't getting a satellite signal"

I have tried putting to standby, switching off at mains and restarting.

The new EPG seems very slow at times


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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

You could try a planner rebuild. Press Services, 0, 0, 1 Select then select rebuild.

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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

still not working no signal is being recieved from sat dish r nicoll

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Re: Sky+HD no signal on some channels

This worked first time so thank you, thank you, thank you