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Sky+HD freezing problems

Sky HD box occasionally freezing when I change the channels then shows blue screen with 'No signal received' causing me to unplug from wall to re-set it,occasionally picture goes blank for 3 seconds then comes back on as normal.When I try to rewind the picture freezes but blue circle on front of box is spinning backwards.Ive had problems recording in the past too,showing programmes 'clashed' when there wasn't even two programmes being recorded at same time in planner.Sometimes when I put my tv on standby for a while then come back to tv and turn it on,the sky seems to freeze alot after that??Box just seems slow to respond to remote at times.Im getting frustrated having to regularly every few days having to unplug box to reset it.Ive done the planner rebuilds and all that but still same problems.


Does anyone have any ideas what could be the problem?




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Re: Sky+HD freezing problems

Hi Bri32,


I'm sorry to read about the issues you are having with your HD box. You haven't mentioned in your post if you have carried out any trouble shooting for this, if not then I would recommend you try a planner rebuild for your hard drive issues and No Satellite Signal procedure for signal issues.


Let us know how you get on.

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