Sky +HD box telephone cable connection = no access to Box Office!

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Sky +HD box telephone cable connection = no access to Box Office!

I've had SKY for over 18 months now and despite all the calls to SKY technical support having not resolved the issue in the first few weeks / months,  I gave up and got on with fixing up our new house, that's now done and I'm thinking of getting a SMART TV so this issue needs resolving.


First of all I need to explain what happened prior to moving into the house.

I arranged for SKY TV, Phone & Broadband to be made available. The previous owner already had SKY installed. He previously had two separate telephone lines coming into the house, one of which was for a business that had ceased trading some months earlier so he had one of these two lines disconnected - not physically removed, the line was just ceased, I assume at the exchange.

Both lines are connected to the house one in the office space in the loft, the old Business line - there is a Master split faced junction box here and the other arriving into the bedroom on the first floor and cabled through the house down to the lounge. This again has a Master split faced junction box.


When sky arranged for a new telephone number , BT reconnected the old Business line that arrives into the house in the loft. I assume that the other line was used by SKY until the previous owner moved and ceased his account with them.


When the line was made live and the broadband switched on I established that the only working telephone line in the house was the one in the loft. So for a few days any telephone calls received or  made, we had to trope up two flights of stairs to the loft.


SKY technical support advised that they are unable to arrange for the second line to be switched over via BT. NO reason was given but it did sound like they were covering up a mistake. In the end they agreed that they would pay for a local telecoms engineer to run a cable from inside the back of the Master split faced junction box in the loft, through the wall and along the exterior of the building into the lounge.


We had an alarm installed and the alarm engineer connected the alarm system into the back of the lounge telecom box (the extended loft box).


Current set up

1. My computer is in the loft and the router sits alongside the PC is plugged into a micro filter, then into the front of the Master split faced junction box. This works fine.

2. A phone is
connected to the lounge telecom box (the extended loft box) via a micro filter.

3. The T V & SKY +HD box is in the lounge, with a SKY wireless connector to the router, which works ok - On Demand works, but needs the odd hard restart from time to time.



This SKY +HD box phone cable is not plugged into the micro filter because when it is it knocks out the broadband connection on my PC (in the loft). So we cannot get SKY Box Office to work unless we physically plug back in the SKY +HD box to the adjoining data socket of the micro filters phone line; which then causes the PC to lose its broadband connection.


So before I go and buy a SMART TV, this needs resolving.

I do hope someone out there can assist.

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Hi essex-uk,   When Sky activate a phone line for a custo...

Hi essex-uk,


When Sky activate a phone line for a customer, we will activate the master socket of the property (this can be in lofts, bedrooms, hallways etc) as this is the main point which is between 3-5m of the line connecting to the property. If the customer is looking for the master socket to be relocated, this is not a service that Sky offer and this will need to be completed by BT Openreach or a local telecom engineer.


With regards to the phone set up there should be only 1 filter connected to each phone point (this should be the first item that is connected), splitters etc should be connected after this. If connecting the Sky+HD box to the phone point and it is causing problems, the first thing we would advise is to replace the filter.


If this resolves your enquiry please mark this as an accepted solution, otherwise please post on the relevant board on the forum where the community or we can assist further.



Community Coordinator
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