Sky HD box, IR Repeater?

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Sky HD box, IR Repeater?

Hi, I have just had multiroom fitted, just the standard package...the box is under my kitchen units and I want to set up so I can use a remote on an IR repeater positioned on the tv on the wall (cabling all goes down a channel in the wall behind the tv and units.). Sky are using just the new HD boxes, with the HD part deactivated...I had ordered off the internet a magic eye, and was going to use this on the RF connector on the back, but the new boxes don't have these. The Sky installer at the time said just get a cable with stick on IR ends, stick one on the tv to pick up signal and other end on front of Sky HD box....

I am not technically minded, and went into my local Maplin....they knew what I was talking about, but said they didn't have what I needed as with Sky HD I would need an IR repeater capable of picking up an IRDA signal....

I am now not sure what I need....I was thinking it would be a simple cable with a small part at each to pick up the signal, and one to beam it to the Sky box IR pickup... sort of like a fibre optic... but does this cable need to be powered....I have seen on the internet IR Repeaters with a 'jack', I am now getting confused.....can anyone point me in the direction of what I actually need and where I can get it from???  I guess a 3m cable is sufficient...(thats the length of the HDMI cable I have) many thanks 

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Re: Sky HD box, IR Repeater?

A couple of suggestions.  There are probably others:




I don't use extenders, so don't ask!  Read any available reviews for these items.

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