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Sky HD Box (1Tb) stuck in initialising

Rebooted box after problem.  Now receives signals and displays programs but when entering pause, record etc just says initialising. Left for over a day but no change rebooted again but after further day no change.  

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Re: Sky HD Box (1Tb) stuck in initialising

Try a planner rebuild:

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I do not work for Sky.
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Re: Sky HD Box (1Tb) stuck in initialising

Afternoon and sorry about the delayt in posting to you both,


@Friediceman, can you let me know if you have this resolved and if @ceasarome post helped you fix this? If not can you let me know how you got this resolved just with this being a few days ago from you posting to us?


I look forward to hearing from you soon about this 1TB Sky + HD stuck initialising so I can further assist if required Smiley Happy.



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Re: Sky HD Box (1Tb) stuck in initialising

Now resolved. In the end had to do a full reset as none of the others worked unfortunately this meant all the recorded programmes were lost but at least it's now working.

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Re: Sky HD Box (1Tb) stuck in initialising

Hello Friediceman, 


Thank you for coming back and letting us know you are now back up and running however, Im sorry you lost all the recordings on your box.


For future reference if you have programs you wish to keep and you have a recordable DVD or Video you can follow these instructions to copy from your Sky box to another device:


1.            Press TV guide. 
2.            Press green Sky+ Planner will display. 
3.            Press down arrow to highlight programme to be copied. 
4.            Use left / right arrows to select options for the recording 
5.            Press green to mark programme as Copy. 
1.            Repeat steps 3 to 5 for each programme to be copied. 
2.            When all desired programmes are marked as Copy press Select. 
3.            Enter PIN if requested. 
4.            When information banner appears, press record on VCR or DVD recorder then press select very quickly to ensure planner does not jump to next screen. 
5.            Confirmation screen will display programme.
I hope this will help Smiley Happy
Kind Regards