Sky Go - need to improve the stream quality

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Sky Go - need to improve the stream quality

When are Sky going to keep up with other companies such as the NFL, NBA and even the BBC with regards to stream quality?


The quality of Sky Go is far inferior to the other above named streaming services, all of which offer an HD option. No doubt sky will offer this at some future point for 'just £5 extra' a month, or some other rip off scheme.


Sky Go Extra - I will use the 2 month trial and then leave. Not getting any more money from me. Typically trying to squeeze even more money out of their loyal customers. Definitely going to look into Virgin media.

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Re: Sky Go - need to improve the stream quality

Good afternoon jwerdna,


Welcome to the Sky Help Forum and thanks for your post.


We appreciate there may be some frustration amongst customers who could previously download to PC or Mac using Sky Go. Streaming of On Demand content and Live Channels on these devices is still available as part of the standard Sky Go service which continues to be available at no extra cost for Sky TV customers.


Our analysis of Sky Go usage shows that a relatively small group of customers regularly use the download functionality on PC/Mac.  We have identified these customers and are providing them with access to all the benefits of Sky Go Extra for free for the next three months after which they will have the choice to upgrade to Sky Go Extra. These customers should receive an email or letter over the next few days informing them of this, as per the instructions of the letter or email, these customers do not need to do anything to activate the free offer and likewise, at the end of the 3 months, we’ll automatically remove it again after the 3 month.


To bring the new service to our customers we’ve invested a significant amount of time and effort to enhance Sky Go, the supporting technology and ensure as much of our customer’s favourite programmes are available with the new service.



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Re: Sky Go - need to improve the stream quality


An interesting response, that does not in any way answer the points I made... My post was regarding streaming quality, and you have replied regarding downloads. Strange...
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Re: Sky Go - need to improve the stream quality

Hi jwerdna,


Looking at your earlier post and Gregor's response I can see he has addressed the Sky Go Extra comment but not said anything about the HD content.


We do not have a HD Sky Go service as we have to purchase the right to show the content in both SD and HD - the programs that appear on Sky1 and Sky1 HD are purchased separately. So to show HD content online we would have to negotiate for this on top of the SD content.


HD files are also a lot larger than the same SD program so data usage and streaming quality need to be taken into account - especially for those streaming on a mobile device without a WiFi connection.



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Re: Sky Go - need to improve the stream quality

So a higher quality stream (as the NFL game pass manage, NBA league pass manage, and the BBC manage) would cost you more money? The BBC iPlayer offers you the option of streaming in SD or higher quality, so this would negate the mobile users on 3G issue.

NFL game pass and others have an auto detect function, that allows one to receive the best quality feed, depending on on the current connection speed. This is not dissimilar to Sky go, but they just have much higher levels of quality.

I would expect a company the size of sky to be able to offer the same level of quality, but clearly, it would seem, cannot
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Re: Sky Go - need to improve the stream quality

I already started a thread requesting a Sky Go Extra HD subscription:


I'm thinking £10 a month extra should more than cover Sky's licensing costs while also turning a tidy profit.


Nobody replied to my thread though so I assume we are a tiny minority who care about high definition playback on portable devices.

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Re: Sky Go - need to improve the stream quality

I must admit I was very dissappointed by the audio quality let alone the video on my downloaded content on my ipad.

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Re: Sky Go - need to improve the stream quality

Hi all,

Thanks for your posts about this.

Can I get you to uninstall, switch off/on the device and then reinstall the app to see if this helps in any way?

Please come back and let us know how you get on.



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