Sky Go - Device Limits

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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

Yes, I do run CCleaner quite often. I'll uncheck Silverlight, but it doesn't stop the sudden implementation of a device limitation being any less annoying.

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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

I concur with other users' frustrations. I was continuing to pay over £60 a month for Sky programmes in anticipation of the Sky Go service, but am now thinking of cancelling. It's a very arbitrary decision to allow only one change per month. Furthermore I lost the service without actually doing anything - no registering more devices or anything at all. Yes, the facility is free, but that doesn't make it any the less frustrating and annoying to have some bug in  Sky's software preventing one from accessing it - just telling me my device isn't registered - full stop!!!


It would be a great facilitiy, if only I could access it again  - and continue to do so!

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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

Hi GeorgeLex,


If you try and watch some content on SkyGo, this should register your device again and let you have access.  If this is not working for you, I would suggest getting in touch with us for more assistance. 



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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

Hello Anne,


I appreciate your response, but, having read various readers' responses to seeking help I think it would only add to my frsutration to be held for long periods on a phone and subsequently be told nothing can be done!


Even the guys on the call-in service just sympathise and say the engineers are aware of the problem and are working on it. Well, that has been a couple of weeks since and no changes so far. It makes one suspect whether anything is actually being done, or not.







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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

Must add my utter disgust at the imposition of the one device a month limit change,the fact they failed to inform anyone of this before the change in service displays the complete and utter comtempt with which sky (dis) regard their customers,well heres one less for them to worry about in future.

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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

I have discovered that my PC Tools cleaner has deleted my Silverlight history, and so I am unable to use SkyGo on my two registered devices.  Sky customer services told me to wait until the end of the month and count would be reset.  This is not a free service anymore than BBC iplayer is free, given most people pay a license fee that funds it.  Only difference is I pay Sky 5 times the amount I pay the BBC.  What upsets me is the low quality and poor design that Sky seem to think is acceptable.


1 if Sky have to rely on customer computer files held in sliverlight make it very clear in bold red type that you must NEVER delete your silverlight history.  This is NOT done by Sky.


2 Provide a facilitate to re-register existing devices to over come problems.  This will not interfere with any rights issues or control of device count.


3 Provide Customer services the ability to reset the device change count mid month in controlled and defined circumstances.  It is lazy design to rely on monthly auto reset.


Sky do none of this - I guess it keeps their engineering and design costs low and their profits high.

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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

Very interesting the stuff about the merits of 2 devices etc!  Slightly misses the point though:

Sky cannot get it to work for me with one, my own 'main' computer - logged on yesterday - device 'not recognised/registered' - renamed it (one device only) - big mistake I guess - still did not work.  Now the Sky helpdesk woman tells me nothing can be done to make the 'service' (free - ie £70/month) work at all, either for me or on my son's laptop!  'No-one' can apparently reactivate the sytem - even if I cancelled my subscription and took out a new one.  

Seems quite extraordinary - the issue is simple:  ie that the 'new' SkyGo system did not work in the first place - and sadly still does not. Cannot see how anyone can 'guess' what to do when stymied by the new system?  Perhaps some specific advice/warnings would be appropriate - or maybe Sky are really not that keen on providing a genuine on-line/mobile service as it may not be commercially viable? 

A manager is alledgedly phoning me back - interesting to see if they can resolve the issue! 


Cannot believe I am the only person to have experienced this problem? 

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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

Can you try uninstalling Microsoft Silverlight from your computer and then rebooting it. After it has loaded up again login to the Sky Go website and try and watch something. You should then be asked about installing Silverlight and you should do this. If all has gone to plan you should then be able to watch something as your PC has now been registered.


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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

Further to my post yesterday regarding Silverlight history deletion and having to wait until the end of the month to have auto reset resolve my problem I sent an email complaint to Sky.


They provided good advice to avoid future problems and stated "We have now reset your devices for you"


Credit to them for their response and resolving the problem.


If you experience the same you can tell customer services Sky can reset count mid month.



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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

its telling me i have reached my limits for this month when the last time i registered a device was back in august, so thats at least 3 months past and its still not letting me change back to my i phone its getting very frustrating why is this?

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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

It gets better I've just tried to change my device from my laptop to my PC and it will not let as I've already made a change this month, well there you I can't change my device am not going to bother to ring sky and have it reset......... Hey hang I've not change my device for ages just checked and the last time I used my LT was Oct 23rd and my ipad2 last night and as I've never used my PC on sky go it tells you a lot. I think it's Murdoch's revenge has to be.

iechyd da

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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

I've experienced similar issues.


I started my Sky subscription in August and registered my laptop and iPad. Three and a bit months down the line and I'd like to change one of the devices to my iPhone, but I'm continuously presented with the error "You've registered too many devices this month" (or something similar). The fact that I've not changed any subscriptions since I originally set this up is not mentioned.


I just spoke to one of the 'live helpers' about this issue, and as per previous posts I was told it was a "known-about issue" and that "engineers were attempting to fix it". When I asked if it could be reset, or if I was eligible for a refund (for not receiving a service I was paying for) I was quoted numerous text from a pre-set book of standard responses - none of which addressed my questions.


Not sure why someone can't just reset the devices registered, shouldn't be too difficult. Nor should offering a decent explanation of what is actually going wrong. Pretty disapointed in the service.




p.s. I notice that on the "Service Status" screen - Sky Go & Web currently has 'no issues'.

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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

I always access Skygo using the same laptop but each time I try to access the service I get the message that the device is not registered. Can anyone explain what is happening and why my device registration is not being recognised when viewing etc.

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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

well said!  Seems as if Sky has borrowed the fashion industries "less is more" approach.  I'me in a similar position where my 4 kids have individual devices...which is typical these days, so we have little hope of successfully sharing sky go.....Oh wait a minute!  I know, all I have to do is pay for additional boxes lol. 

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Re: Sky Go - Device Limits

Ally, I have the same prob...anyone any ideas?