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Sky GO on PS3 or LG Smart TV?

Hi, does anyone know if there is or going to be an "app" for Sky GO to work with either the Play station 3 or LG's Smart TV's so I can use it like the BBC I-player(LG TV), ITV Player and 4OD, that are installed on the play station.

That would mean not having to plug laptop into the TV.

I was hoping there would be one for the LG TV I have as Sky seam to be promoting this a lot with there 3D content.



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Re: Sky GO on PS3 or LG Smart TV?

Hi Deggers1, 


First of I would like to welcome you to the community Smiley Happy


We are not aware of any plans on developments in making apps for these platforms. If this was to change, we will let the community know about this. 



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Re: Sky GO on PS3 or LG Smart TV?

I doubt sky will ever entertain this since it can barely give proper access to the app on Ipad. Since the IOS upgrade on apple, my ipad has been unable to stream anything from sky. Sky work on the basis of trusted platforms and they get very nervous when streaming to non standard players such as PS3 or TV's that are internet capable. Slingbox is a better option if you truly want portable media.

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Re: Sky GO on PS3 or LG Smart TV?

The slingplayer is good when you are within the same network as the slingbox but when you access it remotely the quality is seriously restricted by your home internets upload speed, bearing this in mind the average upload rate is about 5kbps which is inadeqaute to give decent quality therefore applications such as Skygo (When it works) and netflix if you like will perform much better in terms of quality as a result of their far superior speed throughput. 

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Re: Sky GO on PS3 or LG Smart TV?

I have an LG 3d blu ray player, and urge sky to devlop an app so I can make use of sky go!  I pay for it already, LG has a growing marketplace, so it makes sense before I decide to start using netflix and blinkbox instead!


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