Sky Fibre Optic SLOW!!!!

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Sky Fibre Optic SLOW!!!!

Hi Guys,


 I have had fibre optic now for almost a year and for the upmost of 7 monthes ive had a nice stable 35 meg speeds, which was fantastic. After the appauling service and speeds on normal DSL connection i decided to give sky the benefit of the doubt with the fibre.


However, i am now recieveing between 0.86 meg and 6 meg which for fibreoptic is absolutely diabolical.


I have done many many calls with the fibre team who first blamed my computer. (Its a home built computer by myself so i know its not my hardware)


Then got told to reset router countless times, which obviously did not fix the issue. I got told that on the router page if it says 40 meg thats what im getting and to ignore and the bbc speed test. Knowing full well that was a fob off technique i hung up and re rang. To be told that those 2 sites are the most reliable out there!!!


3 engineers later and problem still persists. I have a new modem, the wire outside my house is receiving 40 meg. The ruter however is only sending out pitiful speeds. At one point it was faster through wireless than ethernet!


After having what was actually a argument with a sky advisor i got a new router. Needless to say the problem still persists. To ensure it wasnt my hardware ive bought a new ethernet cable and tested my computer in a friends house. Works 100% fine and gets his nice stable speeds (through BT) of 42 meg.


I am now at end of tether with this, i cant see why its so hard to see that i pay for a service i want it!  But alot of the advisors i speak to are either rude or accuse me of lying, because i love spending time on hold complaining about slow speeds im not getting....


Anyway i saw others had same issue as me and other ideas?

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Re: Sky Fibre Optic SLOW!!!!

What exchange are you on? Some have congestion problems.


Put your house number & postcode into this link and it'll show your exchange if you don't already know it :

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Re: Sky Fibre Optic SLOW!!!!

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Re: Sky Fibre Optic SLOW!!!!

Some of those speed test sites can be a bit unreliable on fibre. I've found downloading JDs auto speed tester gives more consistent results. If the modem/router is showing a connection of 40/10, then that is what you're connecting at. It, therefore, seems like your throughput that is being affected. This could be down to the exchange or your set up at home. Definitely check for congestion at the exchange, but also test at different times of the day.
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Re: Sky Fibre Optic SLOW!!!!

Hi Neil+Hawikins, 


After reading through your post I am very sorry to hear about the problems you have experienced regarding your Fibre broadband. I can see that you have tried all the steps I could ask you to perform to try and improve your speed. So what I am going to do is arrange for a member of our team to get in touch via PM as soon as possible to look into this further for you. 



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