Sky Catch Up not working

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Sky Catch Up not working

I am using the Sky wireless connector to facilitate Sky on demand & catch up. It is taking hours or sometimes failing to download from Catch Up. Sky sent a replacement Wireless connector but no different. The signal strength is OK. The Sky box is OK - all works OK if  hardwire into Sky Router but this is not practical due to location and second TV location. Can anyone help.

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Re: Sky Catch Up not working



Sorry to see this, it does sound like a throughput speed issue, can you tell us what speed your broadband connection usually runs at? if it is any less than 2Mbps this could explain the length of time it takes for On Demand content to download to your Sky box.


I'd also recommend testing your wireless signal if you have a wireless device such as a laptop that you can run a speed test on from the same room as the Sky box just to see if you notice a difference in speed compared to other rooms in the house when using wireless, this can be particularly useful for diagnosing signal issues and we may be able to help with this if it is the case by adjusting some settings on your router.


Let us know how you get on.

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Re: Sky Catch Up not working

Finally fixed mine! Nothing to do with planners etc. Its the software that detects the security on your router when it connects  for first time. The answer is to manually configure connection with your router - look in router settings (usually for the security protocol. With sky n router it says wpa/wpa2-psk. If you manually set wpa2-psk it you get the settings 


Local connection ok

service connection ok

ip address (what ever it sets)

dhcp on

network name (what ever it is)

signal strength

encryption type AES.


Now working properly for first time since i got it 6 months ago!