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Sky Anytime + Broadband connectivity - Wireless connector drop out

Hi, please help.......


I feel let down.  Today a sky engineer delivered an Amstrad Sky HD+ box as a free replacement for my older Thompson model, as my broadband router is located at the opposite end of the house to my Sky box I was informed by Sky that the best solution would be a Wireless connector, this would resolve the problem (Duped out of £60, this arrived a few days ago).  Unfortunately after a day of living with this, the service is not great.  Constant drop out requiring the box and the router having to be being reset.


I feel I have  a solution to the problem however need someone from Sky to confirm if it's possible.  A call to India resulting in a promise an expert would call back and then no call so far has lead me to try an online resolution.


I have two telephone lines in my house, one number is my fax number and the number the broadband is connected to, however the only socket is in my office.  The other number, my landline is right next to the television and sky box.  Please can you advise me how easy is it to move at Sky's end my broadband from the existing number (fax) to my main landline number?, this would mean the wireless connector would not be needed and hopefully a refund of £60 from Sky.  


Guys please help, cheers, Paul

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Re: Sky Anytime + Broadband connectivity - Wireless connector drop out

Hi Smithy999, 


Swapping the telephone lines around would cause issues and a loss of service while it is cancelled one line then provisioned on the other.


Have you tried the Troubleshooting Wireless Connection Issues guide on the forum as there is some useful information here that might help. I'd recommend the section on Adjusting the Wireless Signal to see if your issues are being caused by interference and the wireless channel your router is currently sitting on.

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