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Security Options/Channel

I have now my Sky Broadband running. I am not happy with the speed; it is as not fast as previous broadband issues. I had a few issues. But it is still new and I probably have not set it up as best it should be.


1. I am connecting router to various devices: TV, Macbook, iPad, iPhone, 2xSmartphones and HP Printer. I was only able to connect to one device, but I seem to have resolved the problem now after resestting router. Could anyone tell me why I was only able to connect to one device at a time? 


2. Which is the best security option? With my previous broaband new devices could only connect to broaband if they were registered with the router. But with this Sky Router, I don't how to do it. I have tried all options. I want devices to be registered with the router by push button and then only able to connect. 


3. Channel. How to find which channel is best? I am currently using Channel 4 - giving better speed than channel 11. Just random check? 


Thanks for your responses in advance. 

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Re: Security Options/Channel

Hi Honhaar,

Thanks for your post. I will try to address your issues one a time and hopefully afterwards you will have a better idea of what's going on.

1. You should be able to connect more than 1 device at a time.  Can you tell me what's been happening when you try to connect more than 1 device? Do you get an error message and does that happen with a particular device?

2. The best security option for your router is to log in to the router - - Login: admin, password: sky and you can manage your password here.

3. The best channel is to select auto and this will find the most stable and fastest speed.

I hope this answers your questions.  If it does not or if you require any clarification, please post again here where I will be more than happy to assist.

Warmest regards,