SKY vs VM for gaming

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Re: SKY vs VM for gaming

bit of a late reply but i can confirm sky is definately better than virgin media i changed so many settings on my virgin superhub and tryed every setup possible but nothing improved it was definately there throttling now iv been playing games with sky during day and night and only notice a small change during peak times but that is understandable Smiley Happy

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Re: SKY vs VM for gaming

Hi jonesc76, 


Thanks for the update. 


I pleased to read that you're enjoying gaming with minimum disruptionSmiley Happy

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Re: SKY vs VM for gaming

Good of you to come back and with some honesty to boot, I don't believe for the price and what you get you will find any better.

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Re: SKY vs VM for gaming

i nearly forgot to reply lol i was too busy gaming i cant be any more honest virgin give you the speeds for browsing but as soon as gaming or any thing p2p is concerned its useless and who needs 100mb for browsing lol i just got a new hp envy sleekbook with an amd a6 and it loads pages straight away on sky plus the little difference from peak and non peak is good because you dont have to adapt to drastic measures its a constant good connection my kd on cod has gone from 2.30 and i have got it to 2.90 and its still climbing and i havent had to mess about with the router settings Smiley Wink

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Re: SKY vs VM for gaming

I posted some good info here


However my area is good for Virgin Media broadband all day i can hit 91Mbps no problem. However im truely [REMOVED] of with virgin medias routing issues example OVH what my server is located for gaming and teamspeak.


Virgin Media Routing OVH last 400 days



Sky OVH last 400 days.


See why im wizzed of?


And for YouTube and BBC iPlayer (Expectily BBC iPlayer on a Weekend) pufffff dont for there, If you wonna read about it, Knock yourself out

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