SKY+ HD box only working via Scart Cable

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SKY+ HD box only working via Scart Cable

Hi all,


I hope that someone can help.  I unplugged my Sky Box earlier in the week as I was painting my front room.  When I conected it back up, I could only get a picture through a Scart Lead not the HDMI cable. Thinking it was a faulty cable I went to buy another today but the situation is still the same - I can only get a picture through the scart cable.


I have phoned Sky today to ask for some help to resolve the issue, only to be offered an engineer for £65, which I am happy to do but can't understand how it can 'break' as I have unplugged from the mains?


I have followed the advice from other postings in the forum and run through the instructions to deal with the 'handshake', input source etc.  Can anyone suggest anything else to try?


Really grateful for any help!

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Re: SKY+ HD box only working via Scart Cable

Do you have another TV you could try with your Sky box, or any other equipment with a HDMI out you could try with your TV? That way you could at least work out if it was TV, cable or Sky box and may save you a £65 call out.


Other things to check are.


Check with only the HDMI connected to the TV. As other cables like the SCART might override the input selection on the TV.


Check the Sky box connected to all HDMI ports on your TV. The Sky box does not send a signal to tell the TV to switch inputs so you will have to switch manually. This is usually a button on the remote marked AV or a by a box with an arrow into it.

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