Router wont reset after power outage

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Router wont reset after power outage

After a power outage the internet doesnt come back on and can take hours of trying to reset the router by either pressing the reset button (that doesnt seem to work) or by turning the power off and on. This time it just doesnt seem to want to reset. Any more suggestions?
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Re: Router wont reset after power outage

Does your telephone work and can you hear any noise on the line? If it sounds clean then try replacing the micro filter to see if that solves the problem. I am assuming that your router does power up, if it doesn't try doing a hard reset by locating the small button that will take the end of a pen. Switch the power off the router, press that little button with the pen and keep it pressed in lightly. Switch the power on the router and keep that button pressed in for 10 seconds. Once this is done the router will be reset to factory defaults, that is the same as it was when delivered to you by sky.

I am now assuming your using a SR101 or SR102 router hub and the above didn't solve your problem and lights are showing white on the front, if one of them flashes orange when switching on the router then remains orange it is likely a cable fault internally or external to the property. If that orange light turns a solid white and remains so the router has connected to the telephone exchange successfully. If you still get dropped connections after that light turns white your PC has a problem or the telephone line has an intermittent fault, usually this is caused by a dry connection or water... For those you'll need an engineer visit to find out where the fault lies on the line, with these cases you can usually hear the noise with a telephone once connected to the test socket on the master socket in your house. Also try connecting the router to the master socket through a micro filter, if that works your internal wiring is faulty otherwise the external wiring or a faulty router (highly unlikely if the lights fire up).