Replacement sky hd box

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Replacement sky hd box

I am experiencing problems with my sky hd box

Have had asistance via sky on telephone to rectify problem however still not reliable 

Auto record not working - listings dont appear consistently - screen freezing intermittently 


I have a replacement box in my possession 


Can I pair my existing viewing card to the new unit 


If not I have been quoted £40 for engineer call out - this is via sky and has been discounted as I am a loyal and full package customer of many years standing. 


Does this call out charge include the cost of replacement box if required?


Thank you - Tony 


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Yes, call Sky to pair your Viewing Card with the replacem...

Yes, call Sky to pair your Viewing Card with the replacement box.


Otherwise, yes, a callout will result in the engineer doing whatever is necessary to get you working again correctly, including providing a refurbished box as replacement for your faulty box.