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Repairing damaged dish

I've just returned home to find my satellite dish hanging off the wall (I live in a block of flats). I have my suspicion that it was my neighbough who has mental health issues and is prone to bouts of random violence (smashing bird tables and washing lines) but I can't prove it. Will Sky charge me to get it repaired even though it wasn't my fault? I can't call them until I get into work tomorrow as I used all the credit on my phone calling the bank to report some fraud on my account which has unfortunately resulted in my debit card being cancelled so I can't add more credit (aaarrrggghh). If they're going to charge me I think I'll just cancel the whole lot.

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Re: Repairing damaged dish

Sky will charge you. It isn't there fault there has been third party interference.Have you spoke to your neighbour or reported it to the Police?

Can you get a quote from a local installer to refit the dish for you?


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Re: Repairing damaged dish

If possible, get the dish re-installed somewhere the problem bloke can't get to it.

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Re: Repairing damaged dish

Hi TobyS,


It's a pleasure to welcome you to the Sky Forum, albeit such difficult circumstances.


I understand how frustrated you currently are at the moment with this issue. Did you manage to speak to your neighbour about this issue? Also would it have been possible that bad weather may have damaged the dish?


I see that you were going to get in contact with us directly in regards to this, so did you follow through with this today?


We look forward to hearing from you again.