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RF out not working

I used to have standard SKY many moons ago and if I wanted to watch SKY in the other room I could via the RF out.


Now I have SKY+HD and have a cable connected to the RF out going to the same TV used years ago but I cannot get any picture or signal.


I do not have a magic eye running yet as I have not seen any point .... so far.


The RF out is switched on and I have also tried the RF2


Any suggestions??


Thanks in advance

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Re: RF out not working

Have you run an analogue scan on the second tv in order to pick up the Sky signal?

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Re: RF out not working



The TV has "auto scan" and it has not picked anything up. I know it works using scart for DVD's but so far nothing else.


I am going to plug the loft aerial in to double check it is working but that has yet to be completed. I know both RF's are on and I have tried using both.


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Re: RF out not working

I got the same prob I had to go to the spanner and press select then 401 and select all quite quick then go to rf out and change it to 23 and rescan my tv and it found it but now the sound is not very good!!!